“No matter where we begin, I see you at your highest potential, right from the start.”

– Dr. Sharon Spano, PhD


Start here when right now isn’t working.

Relationship Mapping

Work 1:1 with Dr. Sharon Spano in this 60-minute session to understand what’s really causing your relationship struggles (in the workplace or at home). Walk away with clear insights that will help you start making shifts immediately.

Success Mapping

If you’ve reached all the highs of success but still feel like you’re coming up empty, this 1:1 session with Dr. Sharon Spano will map out the source of your frustrations and provide new pathways for overcoming your biggest obstacles.

Self-Leadership Group Masterclass

The Leader’s Edge: A Six-Week Masterclass for High-Impact Leaders who want to communicate with less stress, confidently navigate work/life challenges, and achieve their goals faster.

Potential Unleashed: A 12-Week Intensive for High-Impact Leaders

If you want to lead yourself and others well, confidently scale your businesses, and more fully attract and own your wealth, join me for this 1:1, 12-week intensive for High-Impact Leaders.


What are others saying about working with Sharon?

Jen Meyers, 7-figure entrepreneur + business coach

Because of my work with Sharon, I doubled my business in 2023. Sharon brought such a different perspective to the table, I had so many aha moments. . . . It completely changed my life, not only my life, but I taught it to a lot of my clients, and it’s changed their lives, too.

Katie Tagarello, corporate employee

I can be more assertive now and know when I’m being assertive versus being harsh or just trying to get out of things. I understand how to communicate or reflect on myself without a shame spiral. Now, when that comes up, I can navigate through it a lot faster. My physical health has improved. I feel less hypertension. My gut health is better.

Ronda Nelson , serial entrepreneur + business coach

My team has become more confident in their ability to give me their perspective, but they also are looking at me more as the leader, and that’s been an important distinction because I was always afraid I was wrong. That was my narrative before.

Rachael Stone, online business owner

She’s so good about giving practical practices and re-centering you back to what you’re learning. I’m way more clear about what I charge, why I charge, and why it’s important. I’m now free to be me and to run my business the way that I want to in my office.

Smart leaders need smart coaching.

You aren’t stuck. You’ve just gone as far as you can go on your own.