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When Life Gets in the Way of Work

Life will always get in the way of work. And, it should because, well, work is only part of life. Work isn’t life. Seems this has been a season of need. Over and over I’ve heard the mantra. People are trying to balance work with the more immediate needs of people they love and care … Continue

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Thoughts on a New Presidency to my Brothers and Sisters

My beautiful friend Kristen Urichko shared her thoughts on our new President-Elect, and what our response should be. After reading her thoughts, I invited Kristen to share this post with us here. This morning, I woke up in a warm bed. I looked up and saw the glass of my window fogged from the warmth … Continue

How to Let Go of Fear in a Chaotic World

I write this post just three days after the Paris massacre. I suspect that most of us are still experiencing great sadness and maybe even feeling quite fearful. The world as we know it has once again changed. We are now a world on high alert.

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How to Re-Ignite Your Purpose in Life

Through the years, I’ve met so many people who’re either very clear on their purpose or they feel as though they’re simply stumbling through life. And, that stumbling can look like a lot of different ... Continue

Why I Love the Coach that Knocked Me Stupid

Every once in a while—maybe only once in a lifetime—if you’re lucky, you meet someone who changes your life. I’ve been blessed in that I’ve had several mentors and/or coaches throughout the course ... Continue