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The Pursuit of Time and Money by Dr. Sharon Spano
What if everything you believe about time and money is sabotaging your success?

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Does Comfort Choke a Generous Heart?

I’m a woman who enjoys her comforts. Not something I’m proud of, but it’s true. A few weeks ago, we hosted a JOG retreat at our home. JOG stands for Journey of Generosity. It’s a very cool event where 10-15 people come together to explore what it means to live from a place of radical … Continue

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5 Practical Ways to Increase Profitability

If you want to stay in business, you obviously need to focus on the bottom-line. If you’re only looking through a financial lens, however, you may soon find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed. Why? Because your bottom-line will eventually stagnate if you’re not paying attention to the other aspects of doing business.

Why Gunslinger Entrepreneurs Have More Fun Making Money

I’m married to a gunslinger entrepreneur. I only just realized this a few days ago as I was trying to explain to someone on our team what it takes to be successful in business. For the sake of conversation, let’s take a step back in time. Those ole’ western movies can teach us a lot … Continue

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The Reciprocity of Time and Money

Since our son Michael passed away, Mother’s Day is one of those awkward holidays for me. I never really know what I’m suppose to do since I’m no longer a mom.People like to say things like, “Oh, ... Continue

How to Embrace the Joy of Money

What you believe about money matters. It matters because what you think dictates what you do.When it comes to money, we either believe we have enough to live, work, and play. Or, we believe that ... Continue