“Prosperity has little to do with how much time or money you actually have,” she states. “Prosperity is a mindset. It’s a place to come from—not a place to get to.”

What if everything you believe about time and money is sabotaging your success?

Order the groundbreaking book from Dr. Sharon Spano


What if everything you believe about time and money is sabotaging your success?

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Sharon Spano, unlocks the secret to a more profound way of utilizing your resources. Learn how to transform your relationship with time and money so that you can step into a more meaningful and prosperous life.

Drawing upon cutting-edge research in the field of human development, Dr. Spano will unravel the underlying beliefs that cause us to self-sabotage our own potential for success.

This insightful exploration into the paradox of time and money offers realistic life application strategies and practices that promise to help you:

  • Understand the relationship between time and money
  • Develop awareness of the internal storylines that drive behaviors
  • Explore the hidden dimensions of time and money
  • Let go of fear and scarcity
  • Examine how stages of development affect your choices
  • Pursue time and money in healthier ways
  • Adopt a practice of abundance
  • Learn an integral approach to time, money, and stewardship
  • Embrace a Cycle of Freedom™ that produces greater joy and prosperity.

About the Author

Sharon Spano, Ph.D.

Dr. Sharon Spano helps high-impact leaders uncover what’s holding them back so they can become better leaders–for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

As a Certified Professional Integral Coach™, Dr. Spano is dedicated to helping others adopt new paradigms about time and money so that they can step into radical abundance in every area of their lives. Her research focuses on wisdom, adult development, and leadership. Her passion is to help others realize their biggest life.

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“Time and money often seem finite and limited resources. However with the right resourcefulness, with the right mindset, our resources can become infinite. This is brilliantly illustrated in The Pursuit of Time and Money”

Greg McKeown
Author of the New York Times bestseller
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

“A thought-provoking read that helps us to explore the hidden dimensions of time and money and how our internal storylines drive our behaviors. Dr. Spano’s ability to bring cutting-edge research to real life application is guaranteed to help you let go of fear and self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can make better life choices. A wonderful book by an extraordinary person.”

Nido R. Qubein
High Point University

“I can’t recommend Dr. Spano highly enough! With a keen understanding of worldview, personal development, entrepreneurial vision and finance, she brings a unique voice to these disciplines. But why money and time?

Dr. Spano writes, “What if it turned out that everything you believed about time and money was keeping you from achieving a meaningful, prosperous life?”

Argh, she was right! Dr. Spano’s integration of ancient wisdom, modern research, and her global observations helped me write my own, new perspective through the suggested reflective practices. I was immediately drawn into her wisdom regarding time, money and perspective…to the deepest levels of personal understanding. It feels like a new operating system has been installed!

She further reminds, “Prosperity is a mindset. It’s a place to come from—not a place to get to.”

Vernon Rainwater
Lead Pastor, Northland Church
Longwood, Florida

“Dr. Sharon Spano has provided the reader with thought-provoking concepts concerning the issue of time and money. All of us certainly wish we had more time and more money to achieve our life’s goals. Dr. Spano has brought to light that with proper focus and understanding we can have an abundance of time and money but our real happiness lies in other areas. We simply need to think about them differently as Dr. Spano points in this timely book. As a career soldier, I often felt like I needed more time and more money. I wish I had a resource like this book to enable me to understand a better way to grow and experience true abundance.”

Lieutenant General Benjamin R. Mixon

“Insightful and practical, Dr. Spano leads you to a heightened awareness of your own personal experience with time and money. Recognizing patterns and behaviors, she provides an effective road map thru ‘reflective practice’ for personal growth and prosperity.”

James Sang Lee
4x ISKA World Champion

“Time and money seem to be defined in quite static ways that often imprison us rather than set us on a path to freedom. Sharon Spano’s research expands the typical view of time and money as concrete and solid  by examining the stories we have about them. How do we transform our views and experiences of time and money from  scarcity to abundance and flow?  We have heard the notion of scarcity to abundance before, but Sharon’s research comes from multiple perspectives including interior, exterior, individual, collective, developmental stages, and states, along with reflective practices. This supports a vivid understanding of how your meaning making and experience of time and money can be a ‘Cycle of Freedom.'”

Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D
Pacific Integral

“At last a welcomed and an informed way to look at our personal relationship with time and money.”

Dick Batchelor
Dick Batchelor Management Group, Inc.
Business Development Consultant

“Living authentically requires knowing our core values and then being true to them:“to thine own self be true,” Shakespeare.  Dr. Spano utilizes the tools of time and money as a way to explore the essence of who we are, to peer into the windows of our soul. She then provides a transformational process to guide us toward our greater purpose and depth.

Dr. Spano shows how one’s deep internal experiences with time and money can sabotage every area of our lives.  She points the way toward living with a sense of abundance by providing a transformational process beginning with core beliefs and leading toward our greater purpose. This book encourages and strengthens the essence of living authentically.”

Martha Mertz
Athena International

“Building on existing research, Dr. Sharon Spano provides a roadmap for making the transition from a life lived out of a paradigm of scarcity to one of abundance.  Through developing a better understanding of and attitude toward our time and money, this volume presents the challenge to live a larger life of stewardship and generosity.”

Gregory L. Holzhauer
Law Partner
Winderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman, P.A.

“Dr. Spano shows us how time and money are intricately connected windows into the soul of a human being and how they impact both our lives and relationships on a daily basis.  One thing I enjoy about Dr. Spano’s book is that she doesn’t simply stop at awareness but explores how to transition from handcuffs to abundance. I know you will benefit by spending the time and money to glean her wisdom from this book!”

Caleb Grover M.A, M.Div
Agape Counseling Center
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“If you are looking for ways to increase profitability or become more efficient, this book is not for you. If, however, you want to discover a transformative pathway to living a life of radical abundance, prosperity, and freedom, then The Pursuit of Time and Money is the place to begin.”

Matthew Simpson
Founder & Creative Director

“This groundbreaking book opens up a new conversation about the pursuit of time and money. Dr. Spano presents a thoughtful, research-based exploration of the paradox of time and money through the lens of human development. Reflective practices at the end of each chapter help us to realize why we may be constrained by our own perspectives of time or money. The good news is – if we are courageous and bold, we can take purposeful steps to improve our chances for a meaningful, abundant life.”

Gwen DuBois-Wing, PhD.
Governance and Leadership Consultant/Coach
DuBois-Wing + Associates