“I don’t make empty promises or easy guarantees. But I will tell you that the transformations you’ll experience here will be contagious.”


There’s something special about the leaders I work with.

You’ve been around the block enough times to know what works and what’s smoke and mirrors. You’ve done the hard work of internal and external growth, spent late nights and long hours investing blood, sweat, and tears into your business, and know the sacrifices it’s taken to climb to the top. Like me, you wholeheartedly believe in the value of things like coaching and therapy and mastermind groups, but you’re starting to realize that if you’re going to move from where you are to where you want to be, you need something more – more intentional, more targeted, more revolutionary.


That something more you’re looking for? It’s waiting for you right here.

The work we do together always starts with YOU, but it never stops there. It will expand to your relationships, your goals, and all the ways you understand who you’ve been, who you are, and who you will become. This work will change you from the inside out. It will begin with small shifts and lead to a seismic reordering of the ways you engage with the world around you. Its influence on you will be contagious. Others will see it, know it, and feel it. And with that, everything will begin to change – your leadership, your business mindset, your relationships, your self-perceptions, and so much more.

Sharon L. Spano, PhD

The Human Potential Doctor

  • Dr. Spano works with high-impact leaders to help them uncover what’s holding them back so they can become better leaders–for themselves, their families, and their businesses.
  • Creator of Potential Unleashed ™.
  • Author of The Pursuit of Time and Money: Step into Radical Abundance and Discover the Secret to a Meaningful and Prosperous Life.
  • Host of weekly podcast, The Other Side of Potential.
  • PhD in Human and Organizational Systems.
  • 25+ Years Experience in corporate/private business settings.
  • Certified Integral Professional Coach.
  • Certified by The Institute for Integrative System Dynamics.
  • Certified by the European Institute for Systemic Education and Coaching.


Here are a few promises I can guarantee.



Loving others well means getting quiet to listen and opening your eyes wide to see. It means holding back judgment and embracing what is without criticism or shame or fear in order to make space for what can be.


While this doesn’t mean we’re all called to be kings and queens, it does mean we’ve been designed to influence our small corner of the world. No matter what our divine calling is, we can do it with great impact.


Our family is the first place we understand and inherit our sense of belonging, so if we want to lead ourselves and others well, then we must invest in preserving, protecting, healing, and restoring the family system.


When you learn how to lead yourself well and live to your highest potential, your impact always expands..

Jen Meyers, 7-figure entrepreneur + business coach

Because of my work with Sharon, I doubled my business in 2023. Sharon brought such a different perspective to the table, I had so many aha moments. . . . It completely changed my life, not only my life, but I taught it to a lot of my clients, and it’s changed their lives, too.

Katie Tagarello, corporate employee

I can be more assertive now and know when I’m being assertive versus being harsh or just trying to get out of things. I understand how to communicate or reflect on myself without a shame spiral. Now, when that comes up, I can navigate through it a lot faster. My physical health has improved. I feel less hypertension. My gut health is better.

Ronda Nelson , serial entrepreneur + business coach

My team has become more confident in their ability to give me their perspective, but they also are looking at me more as the leader, and that’s been an important distinction because I was always afraid I was wrong. That was my narrative before.

Rachael Stone, online business owner

She’s so good about giving practical practices and re-centering you back to what you’re learning. I’m way more clear about what I charge, why I charge, and why it’s important. I’m now free to be me and to run my business the way that I want to in my office.


I never set out to do any of these things.

But at 29 years old, I became a mom, and my whole world changed.

By its very nature, motherhood changes you. But when Michael came into my world, my entire universe moved.

Michael was brilliant. He was funny, wickedly smart, and oh-so-strong.

Born with a disability, Michael spent his 27 years on this side of heaven transforming me. I became strong because of him, spending years advocating at the state and federal levels for those with disabilities. These were the days I learned how important it is to see and hear others.

In 1997, I wanted to find more intentional, more scientific, and more research-driven ways to help leaders think, lead, adapt, and respond to the everyday challenges in their personal and professional lives, so I founded Spano & Company, Inc. and began consulting with Fortune 500 leaders who were burned out from the broken systems around them. I knew from my years in the advocacy world that it’s impossible to fix broken systems when you can’t see them – so my work with leaders focused on giving them the tools to see differently.

In 2013, I earned my PhD in Human and Organizational Systems and studied the relationships between wisdom, leadership, and adult development. Over the last several decades, my journey with Michael and my experiences in the advocacy, corporate, and online worlds have convinced me that out of all the systems we live and work within, our family system is the primary system that sets everything else into motion – the ways we think about and lead ourselves, the ways we engage with and lead others, and the ways we seek and find connection and belonging.

Today, I work alongside high-impact leaders (CEOs, coaches, consultants, and online entrepreneurs), and I’m often asked to help my clients overcome some pretty big obstacles.

Marriages are in shambles.
Business partnerships are rocky.
7-figure earners can’t find happiness.

Almost always, my clients are exhausted. They’ve tried everything from therapy to $100K/year mastermind groups – all the things that offer promises of happiness and success. And, yet, they still come to me feeling unhappy and incredibly empty inside.

What’s gone so wrong? they wonder.

And with that question, we get to work – using the power of science and personal development to expose all the hidden obstacles that are getting in their way to ignite long-lasting, life-changing, transformational growth.


Here are a few of the tools we’ll use during our time together.

AQAL Framework

The AQAL Framework provides a very specific lens to view yourself, your leadership, and your relationships. It creates space for your experience (rather than fitting you into a one-size-fits-all coaching box), so your life, your patterns, and your stories will guide what we work on together and how we approach your growth as a leader.

Systemic Mapping

What if there was a way to actually see all the invisible obstacles that are sabotaging your peace of mind? This is what Mapping does. It creates a visible expression of your most hard-to-understand challenges (from dealing with difficult relationships to fixing your stalled revenue). Mapping exposes the true source of your challenge and allows you to map out a new way forward.

Harrison Assessment

Based on the Enjoyment Performance Theory and Dr. Harrison’s work in paradox theory, this instrument measures behavioral tendencies, interests, and preferences. We don’t put people in boxes with labels like general personality assessments do. The goal is to help you navigate business and life by identifying your strengths and the best roles that will further your success.


Imagine a family tree that provides a visual picture . . . showing up in your life and where those patterns are working for or against you–all information that will help you make healthier choices in business and in life.

The Other Side of Potential

Welcome to The Other Side of Potential podcast, hosted by Dr. Sharon Spano. Each episode explores the many complexities of our world that often disrupt our ability to effectively lead ourselves and others.

Join Sharon in provocative conversations with cutting-edge trail blazers as they navigate The Art of High-Impact Leadership and how to move beyond the daily pressures of success to a place of radical abundance.

Tired of being told how to fit into someone else’s box?
Let me show you how to build your own.

What really helped me get beyond my hurdle was that Sharon was very forward about being able to test and learn from whatever practice we’re trying to implement. So if the tools aren’t taking, we’ll change them. And I think that adaptability was really, really helpful for me to just get on board, knowing that I wasn’t signing up to a box I had to fit into, but that we were going to build the box.

– Katie Tagarello , hypergrowth employee