Writing and Publishing for Business, with Henry DeVries

Jun 12, 2019


Persuasion expert Henry DeVries is the CEO and Acquisitions Editor of Indie Books International. He is also the President of New Client Marketing Institute, a training company he founded in 1999. Henry’s extensive background in PR and marketing has led to a ten-year journey of success in the industry where he has, among other things, helped ghostwrite, edit, and co-author more than 300 business books, to include his McGraw-Hill bestseller, How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett. In addition, he has a weekly column with forbes.com.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Henry came to work in the publishing industry, starting with his original and detailed life plan that he had avoided due to fear.
  • How Henry became a ghostwriter, and how he came to establish the New Client Marketing Institute
  • Why Amazon.com and print-on-demand books were game changers that opened the door for hybrid publishers to evolve
  • Why authors can’t rely on publishers to promote for them, and why the real money in being an author is found in being an “expert with a book”
  • What criteria Henry is looking for in an author when finding new opportunities for Indie Books International
  • How Henry helps authors discover their hidden assets, and why he only works with one in four authors he gives a consultation to
  • Where Henry got his natural joyful attitude and sense of humor, and how he finds the inspiration to work on screenplays
  • Henry shares how he was notified by a federal prosecutor and an IRS auditing chief that his CPA and his tax attorney had taken advantage of him and stolen his money
  • Why the secrets to Henry’s success lie in his relationships, his service to others, fun, and generosity
  • Why people’s fear is the biggest challenge Henry has to face in his work, and how he recommends people push through their fears
  • How to get a free 30-minute strategy call with Henry to discuss the business book you’ve written and the potential of getting it published

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