Why America Needs Therapy with Phyllis Leavitt

Mar 22, 2023

The dynamics of the macro family of America are imitated by the micro family units within. There is a rippling effect of abuse from the top down, and our guest today joins us to share her unique perspective on why America needs therapy. Please take note that this episode touches on topics of sexual abuse and gun violence.

Phyllis Leavitt is a psychotherapist and author who, through working through her own trauma, has come to understand the importance of education and of understanding the power of projection. In this episode, she opens up about her childhood trauma and explains the purpose and effectiveness of psychotherapy.

We delve into the ways in which the micro and the macro mirror each other, and how individual criminals are symptom bearers for the family of America. Phyllis is currently working on her third book, America in Therapy, and shares insight into what readers can expect.

Tune in to learn the two main outcomes of unaddressed abuse and how the patterns are perpetuated in the US. Phyllis breaks down the concept of a trauma bond and explains how psychotherapy can help to dismantle the negative belief structures that result from trauma. Phyllis graciously (and courageously) serves to remind us that we are not our trauma and that no matter what happens to us, there’s a part of us that can never be touched.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Introducing psychotherapist and author, Phyllis Leavitt.
  • The convergence of psychotherapy and spirituality in her life and work.
  • The difference between psychotherapy and standard talk therapy.
  • The tools/modalities Phyllis uses in her psychotherapy practice.
  • Why America, as a country, needs therapy,
  • The rippling effect of abuse from the top down.
  • The focus of Phyllis’ work in progress, America in Therapy.
  • How to heal the macro on a micro level.
  • Trauma bonds explained.
  • Psychotherapy’s goals and why it does not result in re-traumatization.
  • Negative belief structures that result from trauma.
  • The healing power of EMDR therapy.
  • What makes psychotherapy effective.
  • The power of projection.
  • What to look for in a good therapeutic model.

Transcript: Here

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