Virtual Events in the New Normal with Darrin Shifrel, Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Dec 30, 2020

Darrin Shifrel is the Co-Owner and VP of Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals and is obsessed with providing the best rental service to his clients in the event industry. He is dedicated to treating both his clients and employees like family while having a good sense of humor and making people laugh too!

Darrin has enjoyed watching his team grow and get better at providing the highest level of service possible alongside his wife, Cindy, with a strong sense of values and family culture. They undertake their work with integrity, dedication, responsiveness, and demonstrating empathy.

Darrin and Cindy love what they do at Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals, and his passion for the job drives him every day to be the best. He has a strong determination and commitment to excellence, expecting the best from himself and his team at all times, pushing those around him to produce their best, too. He also believes in passing on some of the wisdom he has gained along the way, to help others on their own path to success.

As the proud business owner of Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals and committed husband, Darrin charges up his energy from the hard work and spirit of his team and family. He hopes that attitude is something that helps serve his clients better every day, and that it will allow the business to keep growing in the future.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Darrin’s experience of the advent of the pandemic and its effect on the business.
  • The shock of a completely new and unexpected situation — adjustments that have to be made.
  • Immediate shutdowns and cancellations; Darrin’s initial hopes for events at later dates.
  • The power of scenario-planning and making allowance for different possible outcomes.
  • Small amounts of reopening and the trend towards smaller, home-based events.
  • The measures that Darrin and Cindy have taken to support each other and stay strong.
  • Lesson from the events industry; differing approaches to an uncertain future.
  • How Darrin stays informed about important issues during the current information overload.
  • Thoughts on the possible future in the events and the hospitality industry.
  • Darrin’s biggest takeaway from the curveball we have all been thrown.
  • The central role that Darrin’s faith has played in staying upbeat during these tough times.
  • How a supportive professional and personal network can help make things easier.
  • The resilience that is needed to bounce back from collective trauma.
  • Darrin’s advice for business owners in the new normal.
  • Finding Darrin and Orlando online for your next event, no matter what it might be!



“It was just a really hard first couple of weeks when this all hit. No one had this in their vision board for the year, we didn’t have pandemic in the plans for the year.” — Darrin Shifrel [0:07:21]

“You are cruising along in life and things are going great and then all of sudden you are punched in the gut and you have to re-evaluate thing quickly.” — Darrin Shifrel [0:47:30]


Facebook Posts:

“We quickly started realizing that things were going to change, and we had to get together with our staff and shortly after that we had to furlough a lot of our team.” — Darrin Shifrel [0:07:08]

“No one could have seen this coming. No one could’ve imagined this. And hopefully this is something that our kids and grandkids aren’t ever going to have to deal with anything like this again.” — Darrin Shifrel [0:38:41]


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