The Language of Leadership with Krister Ungerboeck

Feb 27, 2019


Krister Ungerboeck works with high-potential leaders to help them learn the practical language of leadership because he knows, from his own experience as a CEO, that language has the power to transform their lives.

As the award-winning CEO of a 3,000% growth tech company, Krister created The Language of Leadership to help leaders master the high-stakes conversations that can either make or break their careers.

During his time leading Ungerboeck Software, Krister did business in 40 countries, built businesses in six, and lived in three. He also learned to speak French and German as an adult, which gives him a unique perspective on communication.

On stage, Krister is a keynote speaker, but when he works one-on-one with CEOs and their highest potential executives, he’s more like a speech writer. His upcoming book, The Language of Leadership: Words to Transform How We Lead, Live, and Love, provides a practical, fill-in-the-blanks approach to learning a powerful new language of leadership, one that is is guaranteed to help leaders speak in a more impactful, emotionally intelligent way. This level of expertise will help them maximize employee engagement, productivity, and employee retention.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Krister joined the business world through his family’s small business and what lessons he learned during his time there
  • How Krister learned the “language of emotional intelligence” and springboarded into a new career path
  • Why changing your language style is an effective way of changing yourself from the outside in
  • How the “language of management” and the “language of leadership” differ, and why the difference matters
  • Why one of the most difficult parts of being a CEO is the business outgrowing leaders
  • How to use “empathy guesses” and a fill-in-the-blanks approach to emotional intelligence
  • Why Krister’s self-awareness of language has been transformative in all of his relationships
  • How the feeling of being trapped in an executive role can lead to extreme stress and even PTSD
  • Why Krister works to help business leaders grow their leadership, and how the skills he teaches can help in all aspects of your life
  • How your company culture can help encourage happy people to stay and unhappy people to leave

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