The Complexity of Loss and Recovery, with Jennifer L. Carroll

Apr 17, 2019


Jennifer is a former TV news reporter, wife, mother, desperate housewife, author, speaker, caregiver, widow, and now, a voice of resilience and rediscovery. Her superb storytelling skills are infused with motivational tools, knee-slapping humor, and practical insights on “living life to the max,” making for a gripping conversation that will inspire even the most hard-driving audience members.

Through her book Beyond Invincible, Jennifer moves her audience to discover the simple principles of creating a remarkable life and leaving a profound legacy. With her front-line perspective of the Alpha Entrepreneurial profile as a renegade widow, Jennifer channels her grief into passion as she tells her late husband’s story about a life lived large — but not long enough!

Jennifer is an avid snowboarder, wake surfer, cyclist, and yogi who loves to dance, travel, and entertain her lifelong friends with her storytelling. She is a mother to Jessica (YouTube influencer) and Austin (pro hockey player) and lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jennifer shares the pain she experienced after her husband died, and explains why it led to the writing of her book, “Beyond Invincible”
  • How Jennifer dealt with the difficulties of being a widow at too-young an age, and how she learned the importance of managing your health
  • Why the most important lesson of Jennifer’s book is the significance of leaving behind a legacy when you die
  • How Jennifer’s husband managed to maintain his positive outlook and keep fighting despite his terminal illness
  • Three ways Jennifer recommends for “living large” and how to find joy in life and peace in passing
  • How Jennifer has found the strength to keep going from her children, and how her family has supported each other through their loss
  • Why Jennifer tries to bring her message to hard-driving entrepreneurs and business professionals
  • What valuable lesson Jennifer’s husband shared with her daughter toward the end, when he realized he was going to die
  • What steps Jennifer takes to deal with things when life gets stressful, and what she does to focus on her work
  • Why Jennifer wrote a “break-up poem” to her husband after he died, and why she understands the need to move on with her life without him

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