Spiritual Alignment in Investing to Make Your Abundance Grow, with Gary Wilson

Jun 5, 2019


Gary Wilson retired from his position in the banking industry as a Corporate Vice-President of Mergers & Acquisitions at age 40. He then decided to pursue his real estate license, and in just six months he built a six-figure income through his real estate business. He has worked with over three thousand investment properties in just five years. Now Gary is a multi-millionaire real estate professional and the author of five books on real estate. His passion is to mentor other investors on how to generate their own multi-million dollar portfolio.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Gary Wilson’s past in mergers and acquisitions means for those interested in pursuing careers in real estate
  • How Gary generated a six-figure income in his first six months in real estate
  • Why Gary believes a great support group is essential for prolonged success
  • Gary’s transition from mergers and acquisitions into real estate and how different the mindset is for investing vs. corporate banking
  • How Gary’s experience in the corporate world helped him transition into real estate by applying those skills he had honed over the years
  • Why it is important for investors to treat their business ventures like businesses rather than hobbies
  • What a C-plus property is and why Gary believes investing in those is better than investing in “no money down” properties
  • What spiritual alignment has meant to Gary and how he knew his corporate existence wasn’t working for him
  • Why servicing others resonates so well with Gary and how he applies it in the work he does in real estate and other pursuits
  • The importance of balance in investing and giving
  • How forcing detachment from material things made Gary experience more freedom and how this helps him in his business today.
  • Why Gary believes that treating relationships like a gift helps him value the relationships more

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