Five Steps to Reshaping Your Money Story with Eboney Byrne

Jun 16, 2021

Today’s guest on The Other Side of Potential Podcast is Eboney Byrne, a certified financial educator, and money coach. After a protracted divorce left her buried in legal bills and credit card debt, Eboney created a five-step system to reshape her own money story and rebuild her relationship with money. She founded Liberty Financial Services because she saw a need for women to have a deeper understanding of money management and how their mindset shapes their relationship with money.

Through coaching, workshops, and courses, Eboney equips women with the tools they need to positively shape their financial future. She is passionate about teaching women to manage their money with confidence and, because she is speaking from experience with compassion and understanding, she can help women build a financial legacy for their families.

In today’s episode, we get the inside scoop on Eboney’s journey, her current courses, and her burning passion to help! We talk about unhealthy spending habits, money mindsets, hurdles that seem to trip many of us up, and so much more. Listeners can expect an engaging and honest conversation, packed with value and insight, so be sure to listen in!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Eboney’s personal life impacted the service she wanted to offer the world!
  • Unpacking ‘economic abuse’ and how these dynamics play out in relationships.
  • Common and dangerous beliefs that Eboney has noticed in successful women.
  • The typical clients that Eboney tries to help and the different courses she offers.
  • What makes this moment in history special in terms of the ambitions of women.
  • Eboney’s entrepreneurial clients and the idea of the unsung heroes of the home.
  • Reflections on money mindsets; contributing factors to feelings of scarcity and abundance.
  • The basics of how Eboney approaches freeing her clients of debt and starting to save.
  • Avoiding unhealthy spending habits and how Eboney aids her clients in this regard.
  • The issue of overcompensation; a common pitfall that Eboney has witnessed through her work.
  •  Links between religion and psychological approaches to money.
  •  Eboney’s final advice and support for women dealing with difficulties around money!


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