Navigating a Family-Owned Business Through Economic Disaster, with Chris Prefontaine

Jun 19, 2019


Chris Prefontaine has had multiple careers within the real estate industry spanning more than 25 years. During the 1990’s, he built more than 100 single-family homes. From ’94-2000, he owned a Realty Executives franchise in Massachusetts, before selling his company to Coldwell Banker. Today, his family-owned business in Newport, RI still buys 4 to 10 properties per month via lease-purchases and owner financing. Chris has engineered more than $75 million in transactions, and he’s passionate about continuing education and helping others grow their real estate investing business to its fullest potential. In this capacity, he has coached more than 30,000 people throughout the U.S. and Canada during the last 17 years.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the 2008 real estate market crash caused Chris and his family to restructure the way they do real estate deals at their family-owned business
  • How Chris’s real estate deals benefit all parties involved, and how he structures those deals to buy homes “on terms” without using debt
  • What risks are associated with having a “tenant-buyer,” and why it is vital to vet a potential tenant-buyer and set them up for success
  • How Chris helps business leaders break through the $1 million plateau and scale their businesses to the next level
  • How the different levels of Chris’s mentorship and training programs work, and how Chris and his team work to support people as they are learning the business
  • What important early lesson about money Chris learned from his father, and how Chris’s upbringing in an entrepreneurial family shaped how he runs his family-owned business
  • How Chris and his family team adjust to challenges by embracing them as an opportunity rather than treating them like a roadblock
  • What criteria Chris looks for in someone who is interested in becoming one of his real estate associate-level students
  • How Chris and his family team prepare for market changes, and why he believes the real estate agent field will shrink in the future but never entirely disappear
  • More about Chris’ annual events, including his Business Scaling Secrets event in the spring and his QLS (Quantum Learning System) event in the fall
  • How Chris got involved in yoga, meditation, and journaling from listening to successful guests on his own podcast talk about these activities

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