Discovering Your Seven Energy Levels and How They Impact Your Leadership, with Elise Auxier

Jul 17, 2019


Elise is an executive development coach who assists clients with building their clarity, competence and confidence. She works with clients to help them uncover their bigger goals for life and become the people they really want to be; getting real results. Working in an atmosphere of collaboration, support and trust, Elise helps illuminate the uncertain and the unknown, and reframe them into the possible and the achievable. She has been trained by iPEC, ICF, WBECS, Brendon Burchard, and Rich Litvin. In addition to serving her private, mastermind, and group coaching clients, Elise coaches MBA students at the University of Tampa and is a member of the International Coach Federation, Central Florida ICF and the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Elise’s career led her to her current work, and how she ultimately discovered her love of coaching after a career in sales
  • How Elise returned to the working world after spending nine years as a stay-at-home mom, and what challenges she faced with a nine-year gap on her resum√©
  • What the Energy Leadership Index is, and how it differs from personality assessments like Myers-Briggs and others by focusing on behavior rather than personality
  • Elise offers examples of the kind of insights the Energy Leadership Index and its seven levels and how it can help you approach problems
  • Why Elise feels passionate about working with women in leadership through her six-month program, Intentional Transformation for Women
  • Why Elise considers the essence of her work to be helping people achieve the life they want, and why Elise finds parallels between professional sales and coaching
  • Why modern technology has created a massive burden on people’s attention and energy levels, and how that has impacted their ability to lead
  • Elise offers a strategy for getting actionable feedback from others that help her clients better understand where they are on the Energy Leadership Index
  • How the Index can offer valuable insights on users’ subconscious thoughts and help them become more aware of the behaviors that stem from those thoughts
  • Where Elise envisions her business in the next few years, and why she is keeping herself open to possibilities