Gratitude, Appreciation and the Power of Family-Owned Business, with Mike McCarthy

Aug 7, 2019


Mike McCarthy is a husband, a father and a serial entrepreneur. Over the past two decades, he is grateful to have played a major role in the growth and expansion of Keller Williams to become the #1 Real Estate Company in the world. As the Regional Operating Partner for the Greater Pennsylvania Region, he is proud to lead 9,000+ real estate agents in over 50 locations, closing $14 Billion in Real Estate sales in 2018.

Mike is also the co-founder of GoBundance and FamBundance; Co-Author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, a Facilitator of Group Genius, and a Speaker and Trainer.

He is passionate about sharing wisdom that helps entrepreneurial families increase collaboration and connection, co-create shared values and goals, and form rituals and traditions that help them thrive together. In the FamBundance community, he is honored to teach the children of entrepreneurs to live growth-focused, fulfilling lives, and to help equip them to appreciate, nurture and then build upon their family’s legacy.

Mike hopes to make a lasting impact and unleash the extraordinary potential within people, especially families. He is driven by his generous heart and is deeply committed to helping his family, partners and team members shine. “McLovin,” as he is affectionately called by his closest friends, gained his nickname from his witty sense of humor and infectious laugh.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How the disconnect between successful parents and their children drove McCarthy to help families of people he works with grow
  • Why Mike believes there are real big picture benefits of addressing the systemic problems within the individual family unit
  • Why Mike McCarthy believes that appreciative inquiry is one of the cornerstones of being a great leader
  • How Mike values making his family a part of his professional life and his work at his family-owned business so they can share in his experiences
  • Why Acton Academy and homeschooling are becoming more popular options for the families of entrepreneurs
  • How to create and implement a system of family values through a process of collaboration and synthesis
  • How the women’s division of GoBundance functions, and what benefits participants receive
  • Why entrepreneurs are successfully addressing large scale problems in society in spite of a broken political system in the U.S. and around the world


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