Conscious Community Segment: Navigating Collective Trauma in a Post-COVID World

Apr 28, 2021

After more than a year in isolation, many of us are likely feeling anxious to reenter society in what is being described as a ‘post-COVID world’. The focus for today’s Conscious Community Segment is navigating the collective trauma we are feeling as we make that transition. We are, after all, a collective society, a fact that the pandemic has proven even to those who still cling to individualistic thought or nationalistic tendencies. We can no longer ignore the societal, political, ecological, and economic factors that alert us to this reality.

But what can we do, as individuals that make up part of the collective, when the world that was once so familiar now seems so overwhelming? Well, if we can acknowledge that each of us is indeed part of the collective, then we can recognize our part in contributing to what is amiss in the world and, in doing so, we can find ways that we, as individuals, can also contribute to the solution.

In short, we’re in an intense evolutionary period. If we’re to sustain our world, our businesses, and our lives, the solution starts with every one of us to include our individual thoughts, actions, and capacities to adapt to changing systems at every level. In this solo cast, Dr. Sharon Spano shares some strategies for re-assimilating, reevaluating, and responding to a changed world, including honoring what you have been through, not ignoring it, and practicing meditation or mindfulness. Tune in today to learn more. 


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • A reminder to honor what you have endured over the past year.
  • Why ignoring collective trauma can mean missing an opportunity to grow more resilient.
  • Evolution is messy, but it is also an invitation to step up and affect systemic change.
  • What your experience of this collective trauma might look like, from difficulty reintegrating into your work environment to increased irritability.
  • How trauma actually affects your physiology and can be passed down through generations.
  • The value of seeking psychological support for yourself, your children, or your grandchildren.
  • Advice for navigating the transition “back to normal,” including practicing meditation or mindfulness; it’s not as woo-woo as you think!
  • Dr. Spano shares a wealth of resources for those interested in exploring meditation.
  • Hear about the work of Meg Salter, David Frenette, and Rob Dube.
  • Learn how Dr. Spano uses constellations to help clients visualize issues they are facing.

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