Authentic Brand Messaging, with Lindsay Hotmire

Oct 9, 2019


Copywriter and message coach, Lindsay Hotmire helps coaches and leaders find authentic ways to stand out in today’s noisy marketing world. Using tools and principles rooted in the science and philosophy of phenomenology, Lindsay helps her clients dig into the true essence of their brands by moving them beyond the explicit in order to reach the implicit. Over the last three years, she has partnered with more than 200 solopreneurs and Fortune 500 companies, helping them uncover clarity and confidence in their messaging.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Lindsay Hotmire’s journey into copywriting
  • How Hotmire works with her clients to develop a deeper understanding of their work
  • Implicit vs. explicit
  • The importance of creating brand messaging that rings authenticity
  • How Hotmire uses the “unbrand” method to help her clients discover who they are as a brand
  • Lindsay Hotmire’s phenomenological perspective on marketing and branding
  • The effect of Hotmire’s work on other elements of brand identity
  • Hotmire’s ideal client and how her process changes for each one


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