Finding Clarity and Navigating Complexity, with Zachary Beach

Oct 30, 2019


Zachary Beach is the Chief Operating Officer at Smart Real Estate Coach, where he has been investing, training and mentoring students in many aspects of the real estate world for more than seven years. Zach initially got involved in real estate after realizing that his life as a bartender and personal trainer wasn’t providing him the opportunities for prosperity and happiness that he was looking for. Recognizing that he needed to make a change, Zach approached his father-in-law, master real estate investor and coach Chris Prefontaine, with a desire to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing despite having no prior experience in the field. Now, Zach and the family team at Smart Real Estate Coach work to teach others the hard-won skills and processes they developed, using an innovative strategy of buying and selling property “on terms”.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Zach managed the transition of marrying into Chris Prefontaine’s family and becoming a part of his father-in-law’s real estate business with no experience
  • What part Zach plays in his role as COO of the Smart Real Estate Coach business, and how the business model helps associates complete deals in a hands-on way
  • Why the strong “Wicked Smart” community is one of the key features of the Smart Real Estate Coach systems
  • How buying and selling properties “on terms” works, and why it creates innovative solutions to the problems many buyers and sellers face
  • How Zach and the team determine whether tenant buyers are trustworthy, and how the business model creates solutions for all parties involved
  • Why growing and scaling the business has created a level of complexity that the team has needed to learn to navigate
  • Why Zach believes that the principles of clarity and guidance are the essence of the work he and his team are doing
  • What key core values Zach and his family hold to that help them stay as a close and cohesive family and business
  • Why personal development has been a key component of Zach’s successful transition from bartender and trainer to being an integral part of the family business
  • Why Zach believes that being clear about yourself and your goals can help you master the complexity of your life


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