A Martial Artist’s Perspective on Energy and Systems, with Carmichael Simon

Nov 13, 2019


Carmichael Simon has over 30 years of experience in the world of martial arts. Carmichael is one of the world’s leading innovators of Jhoon Rhee’s Martial Arts Ballet™. More recently, he has begun to explore and teach an innovative fusion of martial arts and modern freestyle hip-hop dance. He continues to perform with the world renowned hip hop dance crews “Housin’ Authority/The Architeckz who’s credentials have been leading the hip hop dance community through choreography presented through artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher Raymond, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake to name a few.

Carmichael is a five-time International Forms Champion and three-time winner of the NASKA Triple Crown Award. Among his many media achievements, he has starred in the FOX television show WMAC Master, he portrayed character Liu Kang on the Mortal Kombat Live Tour, and he played Tommy Base in The Untouchables video game series. His understanding of energy and systems plays a strong role in his work.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Carmichael made the difficult transition from working exclusively in martial arts to incorporating dance and dance choreography in his work
  • What the seven qualities of a champion are based on the teachings of master martial artist Jhoon Rhee, and how those qualities govern Carmichael’s life
  • How an understanding of systems is one of the cornerstones of Carmichael’s work, and why Carmichael sees many commonalities between martial arts and the business world
  • How the seven qualities of a champion shape Carmichael’s actions and philosophies as a parent to his children
  • How Carmichael defines “power”, and how a creed statement he learned as a teenager has become his daily affirmation even today
  • Why the principles of truth, beauty, and love are where Carmichael finds purpose and meaning in his life, and how he defines truth for himself
  • How Carmichael addresses the negativity prevalent in the world today, and how he approaches problems using his belief structure as a foundation
  • Why Carmichael believes that the act of “being” is sometimes more important and productive than the act of “doing”
  • How Carmichael’s “The Kinetic 7” website and program connect the seven qualities of a champion with animation characters to make the principles more accessible to kids
  • Why educating the market on modern martial arts is the greatest source of complexity in Carmichael’s work


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