Turning Adversity Into Triumph, with Lea Woodford

Mar 4, 2020


Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the SmartFem Media Group, a full-service digital marketing and advertising company. SmartFem was created as a direct result of Lea’s many years as a publicist, columnist, and Radio & T.V. personality. Utilizing her extensive experience as a business consultant and entrepreneur, Lea’s vision to make a difference in the lives of women, led her to create a magazine that bridges the online community with the local community. With the ability to connect people via her extensive network, Lea is often referred to as “The Connector.” Lea also has a passion for working with young professionals, and today she ensures that SmartFem Magazine helps create opportunities for interns and graduates from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School.

As a sought after International Speaker, Lea draws from her own life experiences, sharing her inspirational stories with grace and humor. Her keynotes focus on leadership, innovation, and change to drive business as she engages audiences and fosters a “Think Bigger” mentality. Lea motivates her audiences and her team with a “Find Your Voice” mantra. As she “walks her talk,” Lea encourages people to be bolder in their own businesses, and she demonstrates how success and failure are both an integral part of intentionally growing in the right direction. She consistently brings a fresh approach and perspective on marketing, leadership, innovation, and customer service.

Lea’s expertise in online marketing and social media allows her to assist companies with the latest trends and helps move them to the next level in the ever-changing digital space. She is a master at imparting valuable information in a fun and entertaining way that leaves audiences motivated and ready to take action!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Lea’s conversation with her daughter inspired her to start SmartFem Media Group
  • How her husband’s profound injuries from a motorcycle accident and her own battle with skin cancer resulted in a dramatic change to her life
  • How her facial reconstruction and subsequent divorce eventually led her to meet and marry the ideal business partner
  • Why Lea’s mission is to empower women through coaching, and why too many women are afraid of owning their accomplishments due to fear of seeming like they’re bragging
  • Why Lea wrote her soon-to-be-published book “How to Monetize Your Book Before You Write It,” and why a successful book is about more than just writing
  • How Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Soul had a profound impact on Lea during a difficult period in her life
  • Lea shares stories of some of the young women she has helped and supported through her work and in her family life
  • Why Lea started a magazine to generate new business leads, and why she loves and thrives in this work
  • What exciting growth and expansion plans Lea has for her business and the SmartFem group for the coming year
  • Lea discusses her plans and stage guests for the upcoming SmartFem Summit, April 23-24 in Scottsdale, Arizona


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