Embracing Customer Centricity as Essential with Ramia El Agamy Khan

May 12, 2021

Today’s guest on The Other Side of Potential is Ramia El Agamy Khan, the CEO of Orbis Terra Media, which is a global content marketing studio based in Switzerland. The goal of the company is to empower other companies to grow through content and to cut through all the other voices out there so that these companies can better reach and serve their customer base.

Ramia is also the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Tharawat magazine, a global publication for topics relevant to family businesses and multigenerational entrepreneurship. In addition, she hosts the Family Business Voice Podcast, sponsored by the magazine, and a separate podcast called The Conversation on Women in Family Business.

In addition to all she does for family business owners and entrepreneurs, Ramia is also a second-generation family business owner herself, which means that she has some incredible insight to share in today’s episode. Tuning in, you’ll learn about the transformational power of good content, the importance of embracing technology, and why customer centricity is essential, as well as so much more. Get your notepads ready for this thought-provoking discussion with Ramia El Agamy Khan!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ramia’s journey into entrepreneurship and why she doesn’t believe hindsight is 20/20.
  • Hear more about her offerings, both from a publishing and content marketing perspective.
  • The transformational power of good content.
  • How trust and pragmatism have enabled Ramia’s family business to evolve with the times.
  • The value of building a company culture that enables curiosity and creates space for learning.
  • Balancing tradition with the innovation necessary for the continuity of your business.
  • How to view hard work as a given, and innovation and openness to innovate as second nature.
  • The importance of embracing leanness and agility, especially during COVID.
  • Find out why Ramia recommends making out-of-industry comparisons with every brand your customers interact with.
  • Using the customer journey as a central piece of strategy towards digitizing your business.
  • What companies looking to embrace evolution should do next, starting with readiness.
  • Why it is so important to define your promise to the market and your customers.
  • Shifting your focus from marketing jargon like ‘lead generation’ and ‘conversion’ to building good quality, lasting relationships.
  • Why you should be wary of making decisions based on FOMO; fear of missing out.
  • Hear why she suggests that you turn off or pause all your notifications right now.
  • The most common misunderstanding about success on social media: it’s not about you, it’s about your customers.

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