Survival Decoded for the Family Owned Business: How to Move Beyond Survival to Thriving in a Crisis, with Dr. Sharon Spano

Mar 25, 2020


Sharon Spano, Ph.D. helps thriving family business owners overcome challenges when life and business collide. As a business strategist, author, and Professional Integral Coach, she leads her clients through specific research-based practices that empower them to realign their business strategy with a life of meaning, accelerated performance, and increased profitability.

Sharon is also the author of The Pursuit of Time and Money: Step Into Radical Abundance and Discover the Secret to a Meaningful Prosperous Life.

She is also a scholar-practitioner who enjoys researching and understanding some of the hard stuff of life so you don’t have to. Sharon is passionate about helping people move through a challenge such that they come out more passionate and fulfilled on the other side.

Whether you’re an individual or a family-business owner in the midst of change, Sharon would love to help you discover the underlying dynamics that must be addressed in order to maintain a sustainable business that will generate intergenerational wealth and a lasting legacy.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you should watch the 60 Minutes interview where Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari addresses steps the government is taking to support small businesses
  • Why, during this crisis, you must be mindful of your own health and wellbeing, and to stay in touch with your workforce using virtual meeting tools like Zoom
  • Why now is the time to be creative, innovative, and find new ways and new systems that allow you to serve your clients and customers in a different way
  • Why the first step when making the difficult decision to downsize is to determine who your top-producing team members are, and why attitude matters as much as the numbers
  • Why taking the time to connect and communicate with your family is so critical during this challenging time, and why keeping your vision and values in focus matters
  • Why it is important to recognize and acknowledge the members of your team who are loyal and who are willing to adapt and do what is best for the company
  • Why your company’s vision and values will help you maintain focus and avoid second-guessing your decisions
  • Why we must be hyper-aware of our tendency toward nepotism during this crisis, and why we must maintain compassion even when making difficult decisions
  • Why systems thrown into chaos have a natural tendency of settling into patterns and returning to balance over time
  • How to reframe who to keep and who to cut using the systemic concepts of “order,” “balance of exchange,” and “place”


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