Managing Your Life and Health in Times of Stress, with Dr. Sangeeta Pati

Apr 29, 2020


Dr. Sangeeta Pati practiced obstetrics-gynecology in the Washington, D.C. and New York area for 13 years before opening an integrative medical center in Orlando, Florida. She graduated at the top of her medical class at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, Baltimore, and completed her residency at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C. She has worked extensively internationally as Medical Director for a 350-employee non-profit organization, Engenderhealth, on maternal mortality reduction programs funded by the Gates Foundation. Dr. Pati is multi-lingual and is renowned in her field, having authored numerous scientific articles and being the highest demanded speaker for media interviews and domestic and international workshops on a regular basis. Dr. Pati’s special interest and strength has been in helping health care providers learn how to put together and integrate into real practice the vast amount of information in the restorative medicine field. She is the director of a fully pre-booked Clinical Preceptor Program, which trains doctors and health practitioners in restoring optimal body function through protocols for hormonal balance, nutrition and detoxification. She is on the Board of Advisors for MDPrescriptives Supplement Company where she helps develop clinically effective supplement protocols and integrate them into research protocols. She also runs an on-line platform (Peacock Forum) for integrative health practitioners to communicate problem cases.

SaJune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine offers integrated, evidence-based medical therapies, combining conventional, natural and complementary modalities (i.e. acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, homeopathy, oriental medicine, far infra-red therapy and microcurrent). The restorative model used at SaJune aims to restore optimal function to the body through 1) bio-identical hormone restoration, 2) nutritional restoration 3) detoxification 4) mind balance and 5) body balance. SaJune has strong special programs in weight loss, superfoods, plant-based nutrition, IV chelation, integrative cancer therapies, vascular disease reversal and organic skincare. 20% of patients seeking her medical care are from out of the state of Florida. 10% of her patients are medical doctors and nurses. Her medical care has been written about in the fictional book Feeling Funkabulous by Ivy Gilbert and Aging Backwards by Jackie Silver.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Dr. Pati realized the need for patient empowerment and a different perspective on restorative medicine that addresses causal factors rather than symptoms
  • How the team at SaJune Institute focuses on five key aspects of health: heart/mind stress, the physical body, the fuel tank, the speed of the engine, and detoxification
  • Why hydration is one of the most core components of a healthy immune system, and how to properly take vitamin D for the most beneficial effects
  • Why high-dose vitamin D can help significantly boost immunity to viruses, why it is important to know your vitamin D levels, and what quantity of the supplement to take
  • Why you as the patient must empower yourself to maintain lifelong health, and what steps Dr. Pati recommends you take to begin allowing your body to self-heal
  • Why doing the wrong kind of exercise for your current needs can be harmful, and why a restorative exercise like yoga or tai chi may be more beneficial
  • How magnesium can help slow your nervous system and can help bring your body into balance and even treat many health conditions
  • What benefits detoxification can bring to many organs and systems, and how to get started with detoxification
  • Why water and oxygen are the pillars of detoxification, and why Dr. Pati recommends avoiding complex detox routines during stressful times
  • How Dr. Pati uses “heart-focused” meditation to achieve the benefits of meditation without the challenge of forcing her mind to be still


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