Connecting to Our Essence and Creating Meaning from Within

Jul 29, 2020


The quest to find meaning is central to the human experience, and often in today’s world, this is measured by external metrics of success. But in an ever-changing world, holding onto what defines us externally, only creates difficulty and struggle within. This is why today’s guest, Elle Price, believes that by tuning into your heart and the divine, it is possible to create a meaningful and prosperous life from within. With a 20-year background in business, including being a CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, Elle blends her modern wisdom with ancient healing methodologies for a transformation of mind, body, and spirit.After she exceeded her expectations, Elle found herself on the other side, asking the profound question, “Is this all?” It wasn’t that she was unhappy, but rather that she desired something more. In this episode, after Elle talks about her alternative methodologies learning journey, we dive into exploring a superpower we all possess — Manifestation. We all can attract abundance in any form into our lives, but it requires us to do work. This work departs from our conventional understanding of effort and toil and instead calls for us to connect with our heart. Elle walks us through how the chakras explain the role our heart plays in joining our earthly selves to the divine, along with how we might best begin to hear this inner-wisdom. We also delve into somatic healing, which is often overlooked. Cognitive healing only does so much; our bodies store energy that needs to be released as well.

Elle’s belief, as informed by her Buddhist teachings, is that at our core, our essence is love, and through connecting with it, we tap into an ‘okayness’ that permeates our lives. Our discussion also touches how little effort it takes to make things happen once you use your manifestation powers and finding a resonant course of healing, rather than following someone else’s. Be sure to tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Elle’s journey from the corporate world to the transformational works she now does.
  • Is there more? The profound question that led Elle on the path of learning about alternative healing methodologies and herself.
  • Hear about what Elle is seeing in her clients who are searching for meaning.
  • The superpower of manifestation and how it helps us create new realities.
  • The definition of manifestation and how it works with universal alignment and attraction.
  • Elle’s heart-healing practice and how it reconnects people with their guiding intuition.
  • An explanation of the chakra system and how the heart chakra connects earth and spiritual selves.
  • In this white-collar obsessed world, we live in, we are detached from our emotions.
  • Elle’s advice on stepping into doing the work to foster deeper alignment.
  • Learn more about some energetic release work and techniques.
  • Important questions to ask to become more connected with your heart and what it wants
  • ‘The work’ cannot be done only at a cognitive level — so much is stored in our bodies.
  • Sharon’s story of her son’s passing and the healing journey she had to go on.
  • The role that ‘fast success’ has played in younger people’s search for meaning.
  • By tapping into love, as our essence, we create who we are from inside, and no longer need external metrics of success.
  • How our sense of ‘okayness’ influences our connection and relations with others.
  • Finding the balance between manifestation and efforting — advice for those starting out.
  • An example, from Elle’s life, of how little effort it takes to make something happen.
  • There is not a one-size-fits-all healing path; create one that resonates with you.



“I got here out of my own, personal dissatisfaction, having achieved everything I ever set out to achieve and then saying, ‘Is this all there is?’” — Elle Price [0:14:43]

“I’m seeing that these alternative ways of thinking and being and these ancient practices brought into modern concerns are changing people’s ability to be able to find inner both peace and outer success.” — Elle Price [0:08:44]

“The universe is abundant. The limiting factor is us, so the work that we need to do to harness this abundance, to tap into this abundance, to produce miraculous results with ease is internal work. Once we’ve done that work, then the universe just provides, provides, provides, provides but in a magical sort of way.” — Elle Price [0:13:18]

“The heart is just the place where it’s the energetic center of our spiritual self and our earthly self. Once aligned and connected, we have access to the abundance of the universe.” — Elle Price [0:18:17]

“There’s just change and upheaval, and people are looking, I believe, for a connection that’s permanent.” — Elle Price [0:33:01]

“Love is not an emotion or not just an emotion. Love is our essence.” — Elle Price [0:37:40]

“Releasing the energy from the heart and becoming aligned with the abundant universe, you can actually think something and pretty much do nothing or almost do nothing and wait for it to occur.” — Elle Price [0:44:17]

“As we go through these trying times, open your heart. Heal your heart. It opens new possibilities.” — Elle Price [0:52:03]


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