Cultivating the Next Generation and an Optimistic Outlook with Ken Wimberly

Sep 30, 2020

Kenneth F. Wimberly serves as Chief Visionary Officer for KW Investment Advisors, specializing in net lease and medical office investment sales with a strong background in land sales, lot sales and acquisition, syndications, site selection, bank REOs, and buyer/tenant representation. His clients include high net worth individuals, REITs, institutional funds, private family endowments, and commercial developers.

Prior to joining KW Commercial, Wimberly served as a Senior Advisor at Sperry Van Ness. He is founder and president of a real estate investment firm, Noble Crest Capital, Inc. (NCC), and previously served as an agent for Ritter and Associates Real Estate, specializing in land assemblage. Wimberly served his country during Gulf War as an aircrew member flying aboard EP-3E aircraft for the United States Navy, stationed in Misawa, Japan. He has also worked in the insurance and investment field and has held the Series 6, Series 7, and Series 63 investment licenses and the Group I insurance license. He received his CCIM designation in 2010 and is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

Wimberly is a member of the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors, the Texas Association of Realtors, and the Society of Commercial Realtors. Additionally, he served as the 2008 Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Society of Commercial Realtors in Fort Worth. He was presented with the 2012 Charles D. Tandy Award for his exemplary professional standards as a commercial Realtor. He previously served on the RCA/Governing Council of the Texas Association of Realtors. Wimberly received the 2012 William C. Jennings Award for the most outstanding commercial transaction in the entire state of Texas. He is also one of only ten members across the country to serve on the Executive Leadership Council for KW Commercial.

He is active in his community and volunteers his time as a “Big” in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. He has two children, Knox and Grace, and is married to Amber, who also works with the KW Investment Advisors team. The family enjoys spending their time traveling, snow skiing, playing board games, and playing Texas Hold’em Poker!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The recent updates in Ken’s businesses since his last appearance on the podcast!
  • The plan and vision for Laundry Luv — aiming to make a difference with a profitable business.
  • How literacy impacts the rest of a person’s life; statistics around incarceration and more.
  • The possibility of franchising the current business model at Laundry Luv.
  • Connections between real estate trends, economic conditions, and services such as laundromats.
  • Understanding the Legacy of Love app and the premise behind its creation.
  • What the family business means for Ken; who is involved, cultivating the next generation, etc.
  • Ken’s adherence to his own business and family model — one that allows quality time!
  • Family dynamics for the Wimberlys; involvement, learning, and integration.
  • Measures that Ken and his wife, Amber, take to maintain a healthy balance and relationship.
  • The boundaries of communication around business — sharing information at the right level.
  • Ken’s thoughts on and passion for wealth-building and how it helped him address his debt.
  • Deciding on good and bad investments; how Ken approaches risk and reward.
  • Ways to deal with failed partnerships and disagreements; Ken’s advice going in.
  • Dealing with the current transitional state and how Ken has been weathering the storm of the pandemic.
  • Ken’s optimistic outlook and his attitude to staying healthy, calm, and mindful.



“One of the number one indicators on a person’s likelihood to enter the prison system is literacy. It’s not shocking when you start to think about it.” — @KenWimberly [0:08:07]

“Ultimately, I want them to chart their own course, be in business for themselves. If that involves coming in and taking over some or all of our businesses, beautiful. I love that. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.” — @KenWimberly [0:21:15]


Facebook Posts:

“We are capitalists, so profit is important. However, profit at the expense of other things is not.” — Ken Wimberly [0:04:07]

“It’s another way that I have time to spend with my children. As each day passes, I am more and more aware of how fleeting time is and how little time we have with our children before they leave the nest.” — Ken Wimberly [0:24:19]


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