Conscious Community Segment: The Six Lines of Development

Oct 28, 2020

Today we begin on a slightly different, parallel journey for the podcast. This episode serves as the first in our monthly Conscious Community Segment series, and an introduction to what we will use these shows for. We hope to make this an engaging and interactive experiment with our audience, with the goal of broadening horizons and opening thinking to a greater realm of possibility.

As with all of the conversations on this podcast, the six lines of development serve as a powerful foundation for the work we do. As a reminder, these stages are cognitive, emotional, spiritual, moral, interpersonal and somatic, and these will be explored in depth in the coming months.  This, coupled with the encompassing 12 stages of development, will provide the framework for growth, examination and the realization of your potential as well as that of your business!

So make sure to look out for these segments once a month and feel free to get as engaged as you wish, we are open to suggestions, questions and feedback!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • A reminder of the six lines of development and their centrality to your success.
  • The room that most of us have for growth in the 12 stages of development.
  • Improving as a leader through an understanding of the spectrum of development.
  • How these business dynamics translate in family-owned scenarios.
  • Gaining more awareness of underlying issues in order to make progress.
  • Reduced stress and more ability to weather the storms you encounter.
  • The kinds of expert guests that will be appearing on these monthly segments.
  • Looking forward to our first guest Dr. J.R. Briggs, author of The Sacred Overlap.



“So I’m asking you to engage in an experiment with me as together we explore a different type of segment each month, one I’m going to call a conscious community segment totally within The Other Side of Potential Podcast. We’ll do this once a month.” — @SharonSpano [0:01:25]

“You’ve often heard me refer to these lines and they are the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, moral, interpersonal and somatic. Now each of these lines of development are key factors in how you live-out your life to include how you run your business and how you would track success.” — @SharonSpano [0:02:25]


Facebook Posts:

“We’re not beings who just solely can focus on our businesses. We are whole human beings, and you deserve to look at the whole package in order to fully realize your highest potential.” — Dr. Sharon Spano [0:01:50]

“If we’re not growing and developing and having the ability within us to properly discern all of this information, we’re going to be overwhelmed and stressed out and not capable of making the very important decisions that we need to make in business and in life.” — Dr. Sharon Spano [0:04:22]


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