Beating the Odds and Becoming an SEO Genius with Alexander Velitchko from Agency Intelligence and Triple Agent Digital Media

Nov 18, 2020

Alexander Velitchko, ‘The SEO Genius’, is the founder of Agency Intelligence and Triple Agent Digital Media along with his father Arkadi. He is the bestselling author of 50 Easy Business Hacks to Increase Your Sales Today and Expert Stories at the Harvard Club of Boston. Alex is an award-winning speaker who has shared his message at Harvard Clubs in Boston and New York, Coca-Cola, NASDAQ, Mercedes-Benz, The New York City Bar Association, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Alex has helped numerous entrepreneurs, seven-figure coaches, consultants, industry leaders, and aspiring changemakers to amplify their voices of leadership. He does this through his unique framework, the ‘ABC’s of Digital Marketing’, which stands for Advertising, Branding, and Content Marketing.

Agency Intelligence understands that one can have the greatest product or service in the world but quality and talent alone cannot help to sell it. It helps professionals solve this problem by enabling them to occupy an entire digital Times Square. With Agency Intelligence, clients can achieve their potential by harnessing an America-wide network including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and other TV and radio channel websites, as well as other industry publications.

Triple Agent Digital Media helps its clients unleash their authority and ROI on Google so that they can double their traffic. Google is changing fast, but Triple Agent Digital Media’s search engine optimization strategies are based on rock-solid science. Alexander painstakingly tests Google’s various ranking factors day-in and day-out so that Triple Agent Digital Media can provide their clients with SEO that is working, not a month or two ago, but today.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Alex’s childhood and how he and his dad came to be in a family business together.
  • How Alex adjusted to working and living with his dad after his mom passed away.
  • Alex’s childhood behavioral challenges and how a new diet started his healing journey.
  • The need for parents of children on the spectrum to look for solutions beyond pills.
  • How Alex saw himself as different in a good way, helping him develop his many interests.
  • Learn how Alex learned about SEO on YouTube and applies these skills in his businesses.
  • Ideal customers for Alex; anybody who wants to acquire a bigger online following.
  • Alex’s favorite parts of the business: Harnessing his programming skills and being recognized
  • The role Alex’s dad plays in the business in managing him and helping him build a career.
  • Different roles Alex’s parents played in helping him develop and find meaningful work.
  • Tips for parents of children on the spectrum for helping them apply their deep passions.
  • Alex’s advice for people wanting to grow their passions and learn to be successful.
  • The biggest thing Alex learned about himself as he developed his growth mindset.
  • Having a mindset of serving others and Alex’s favorite part about public speaking.
  • Transitional moments for Alex since his mom died; adapting and learning about outsourcing.
  • How Alex and his father think about the business as his dad reaches the later years in his life.
  • A special offer from Alex and some deeper insight into what his marketing service involves.
  • The most interesting family dynamic that comes up for Alex and his dad on a daily basis.
  • Final advice from Alex for people on the spectrum for how to never limit themselves.



“My advice to parents of children who are autistic, or who may be on the spectrum – my advice is you should look beyond just simply doctors and pills and medicine and all that.” — @AlexanderVee1 [0:10:06]

“I use what’s called the ABCs of digital marketing to really build upon the strengths of great entrepreneurs, local and national, and help them to expand their presence.” — @AlexanderVee1 [0:13:07]


Facebook Posts:

“The reason I believe I’ve been able to harness so many unusual interests and integrate them into my business is I never thought of myself like there was something wrong with me, like there was some label.” — Alexander Velitchko [0:11:48]

“Things happened to me not despite me. Things happened to me because of myself and the choices that I make.” — Alexander Velitchko [0:21:54]


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