Conscious Community Segment: How Your Family System Impacts Your Capacity for Leadership and Your Potential to Attract Wealth

Nov 25, 2020

When talking about family businesses and the intersection of the personal and professional, the systems and structures that we find in different settings are of utmost importance to their health and success. Today, for the Conscious Community Segment of the podcast, we are looking at the huge impact of family systems on your path going forward, and the legacy and deterministic quality of experiences we have had in the past.

Much of our sense of belonging is shaped at a young age, and how we fit into the family we are born or brought into. By exploring these memories and subsequent pathways, we are more able to nimbly choose our route in the present and future. Generational trauma and ideas around ancestral reoccurrences are gaining more attention in mainstream discussions and family systems make up an important piece of this picture.

In this episode, we unpack the basics of the family system, systemic thinking, and how a better grasp of these subjects can aid you in your lifelong journey, as well as in your business today! Tune in, with Sharon, to hear it all!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • A clearer understanding of systems and systemic thinking.
  • How to avoid an unhealthy focus on individuals in a system.
  • Applying the example of the solar system to your family business.
  • How an early sense of belonging can shape our future selves and societies.
  • Where to begin when addressing the family systems that we are a part of.
  • Asking the right questions about your business and the patterns you notice.
  • Differences between family systems and family structures.
  • How this theme ties into the idea of generational trauma.
  • The progress in leadership that is possible with more self-awareness.



“I’m talking about learning how to see everything as a system because quite frankly, every aspect of life is a system in one form or another.” — @SharonSpano [0:01:56]

“Over time, the rippling effect of one child’s suffering multiplies and morphs into a chaotic society where no one belongs and everyone suffers.” — @SharonSpano [0:07:49]


Facebook Posts:

“This discussion will help you lean into the complicated aspects of work life integration because I’m going to teach you the first step in what I call systemic thinking.” — Sharon Spano [0:01:30]

“This is particularly dangerous if you’re in a family business because any conflict dynamic in the family that is not addressed and acknowledged eventually leads to a breakdown in your family and in your business itself, the stakes are very high.” — Sharon Spano [0:03:09]


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