Treating Peripheral Neuropathy with Keith Day

Jan 31, 2024

Now more than ever, we need to advocate for our own health and self-care. Similarly, we need to look out for those closest to us and prepare ourselves for when we might need to step up and support them, be it an aging parent or a friend who’s been diagnosed with a chronic health condition.

Our guest today is Keith Day, a medical consultant, also known as the Neuropathy Warrior. A dedicated thought leader and founder of Neuropathy Truth, Keith has over two decades of personal experience battling peripheral neuropathy. His unique blend of first-hand experience and expert knowledge has made him a beacon of hope for others struggling with similar conditions.

Listening in, you’ll hear Keith’s thoughts on living with peripheral neuropathy, how he put his neuropathy into remission, what we can do to support anyone struggling with this condition, and much more. To hear this insightful conversation with a resilient advocate, be sure to tune in!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • A breakdown of the different types of neuropathy.
  • The symptoms of neuropathy and the diseases that can cause it.
  • Unpacking the differences between acute and chronic inflammation.
  • How Keith treats his clients and how he helps them put their neuropathy into remission.
  • An overview of the five stages of neuropathy.
  • Keith’s approach to pharmaceuticals and treating the cause of neuropathy.
  • How to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation.
  • The key role of nitric oxide and how to increase it through your diet.
  • Advice on how to do mild exercise when you have neuropathy.
  • Keith’s insights on Type 2 diabetes and its relationship to neuropathy.
  • How Keith educates his patients and what you can expect if you reach out to him.
  • Advice on what to be aware of when looking for healthcare providers and treatment.
  • The protocol that helps neuropathy patients go off medication.


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