Taking Control of Your Health with Darlene Greene

Jan 24, 2024

Caring for a loved one with a chronic or degenerative health condition is a heart-wrenching process. And, if you are struggling with your own chronic health difficulties, the challenges can seem insurmountable.

That was the experience of today’s guest, Darlene Greene, who had to start caring for her husband when he was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, while also battling her own debilitating ailments.

Having been let down by Western medicine on multiple occasions, Darlene was no stranger to alternative medicine and was willing to try every option out there. But, it was only upon discovering LifeWave technology that she saw a marked improvement, not just in her husband’s health, but in her own health as well.

In today’s conversation with Darlene, we learn about her health struggles, the various ways that Western medicine failed her and her husband, and how LifeWave’s stem cell activation patch changed their lives. Join us to learn more about the fascinating findings of stem cell research, and discover how this technology can help everyone improve their emotional and physical health!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Darlene’s career as a Navy Commander and her various executive leadership roles.
  • Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and other subsequent health issues.
  • How Western medicine failed her and her ensuing exploration of alternative treatments.
  • The devastating news of her husband’s early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
  • Why there was nothing Western medicine could do for her husband.
  • What made them try LifeWave’s stem cell activation patch and the astonishing results.
  • The essential role of stem cells in your body and how they diminish as we age.
  • How LifeWave patches regenerate your stem cells.
  • The research underpinning LifeWave products, and the results seen among users.
  • How the medical establishment prevents people from learning about these advancements.
  • Why we need to be educated consumers and advocates for our own health.
  • Darlene’s recommendations for LifeWave patches and the one known contra-indication.
  • How you can contact Darlene and get her expert assistance as a LifeWave consultant.


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