The Role of Love with Paul Zolman

Nov 8, 2023

Moving beyond our family culture to create harmonious and loving relationships is no easy feat. Former Telemetrix CEO, Paul Zolman, left a career in finance to write The Role of Love, a guide to effectively demonstrating love every day. Paul transformed his life from a family history of anger and abuse to a present where he experiences the daily joy of unconditional love. He is here to share his story to empower others to do the same.

Tuning in, you will learn about the pivotal moment that sparked his awareness of the culture of anger in which he was raised and the decision he faced as a result. Paul’s story is a wonderful example of how a family culture can shift and evolve from one generation to the next. He shares some of the resources that changed his perspective and enabled him to embody the practical aspects of love as a pathway to its higher laws.

Paul shares his thoughts on spirituality and the essential place of God in the five love languages. Tuning in, you’ll hear real-life examples of how acts of compassion, kindness, and love can turn your experience around, and change the lives of those in your orbit. We also touch on self-love and how it equips you to give love away, with The Role of Love as a pathway to doing so. Thanks for joining us for another inspiring conversation!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • An introduction to Paul Zolman, former CEO of Telemetrix and author of The Role of Love.
  • The pivotal moment that made him aware of his unhealthy relationship with his emotional life.
  • Ostracizing consequences of his anger and why he blamed the members of his family for it.
  • How the conditions of his family life have changed his approach to rearing his own children.
  • Resources that shifted Paul’s understanding of interpersonal relationships.
  • The mechanism of the dice that Paul has produced.
  • How practical steps can help you to take steps towards the higher laws of love.
  • Three choices Paul faced when he considered the possibility of breaking out of a culture of anger.
  • Why self-love isn’t indulgent but rather equips you to share love.
  • The role of God in the five love languages.
  • How acts of compassion, kindness, and love can turn your experience and the experience of others around.


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