Shifting Beyond the Chase of Time and Money

Aug 23, 2023

The concepts of time and money serve as the springboard for developing an abundance mindset. They challenge you to reassess traditional beliefs, redefine success, and approach life with a sense of optimism and possibility. By embracing the interplay between time and money, you’re empowered to shape your reality and create a life overflowing with abundance in all its forms.

In this solo cast episode, Dr. Sharon Spano delves into a thought-provoking exploration of time, money, scarcity, and radical abundance. Dr. Spano offers listeners an insightful and transformative perspective on how their beliefs about time and money impact their ability to lead a meaningful, prosperous life. The episode also serves as an introduction to an exciting upcoming masterclass that will further delve into the dynamics of time, money, and personal narratives.

In this episode, Dr. Spano introduces the concept of radical abundance, a term she coined, and shares her personal journey of transitioning from a childhood defined by scarcity to a mindset of sufficiency and radical abundance. Tune in to this enlightening episode to gain a fresh perspective on time, money, and abundance, and learn how to shift from a scarcity-driven mindset to one of radical abundance.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Overview of today’s topic: embracing radical abundance in a world of scarcity.
  • Challenging fear-based narratives in media and creating an alternative view.
  • Confronting the self-imposed barriers to reaching your full potential.
  • The intricate relationship between time, money, and decision-making.
  • Details about the upcoming masterclass and the content covered.
  • Dr. Spano’s personal transformation from scarcity to radical abundance.
  • Developing an understanding of what shaped your perspectives of time and money.
  • A key factor that influences your mindset: responsibility.
  • Steps to embracing and cultivating an abundance mindset.
  • Discover the opportunities for growth and shifts in your life.
  • Advice for transitioning to a paradigm of radical abundance.
  • Strategies that encourage introspection and self-discovery.


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