God’s Plan, Our Circus with Clay Boatright

Aug 2, 2023

God laughs at our plans. Clay Boatright, author of God’s Plan, Our Circus, joins us to explore this idea. Tuning in, you’ll hear how faith and a sense of humor have carried Clay through unimaginable pain and loss. From his wife’s cancer diagnosis in their early marriage to the difficult process of identifying his twin daughters’ autism, you’ll hear about the complexities of finding the necessary support for complicated diagnoses and navigating grief as a parent of disabled children.

Clay gives us the highlights of his advocacy work, including an appointment by President Barack Obama to the National Advisory Committee. He also equips listeners with practical advice to benefit from the disability support system. After losing his wife, Carol, to cancer and moving his youngest daughters to a group home, Clay experienced a new chapter of his life. To hear the powerful story of how Clay finds meaning and freedom during hardship and challenges, tune in today.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Clay’s family’s unique experiences with health and disability diagnoses and treatment.
  • Raising a family with autistic twin daughters and discovering the ARC of Dallas.
  • Advocating on a legislative level before President Obama appointed Clay to a National Advisory Committee.
  • Navigating the stages of grief as a parent of disabled children.
  • Recommendations for parents of children with disabilities in God’s Plan, Our Circus.
  • Losing his wife, Carol, to cancer, after Paige and Mia moved to a group home.
  • The role of faith and humor in navigating loss and hardship.
  • Clay’s advocacy work helping families to understand the disability support system.
  • Mourning his wife and finding freedom in the second half of his life.
  • Using the gifts and abilities you have to bring God to others.


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