Spirituality and Evolution with Dr. Schmookler

May 31, 2023

Being the intriguing guest that he is, we have invited Dr. Andrew Bard Schmookler back on the podcast for a fourth time! This time, to talk about spirituality as it relates to evolution. Dr. Schmookler claims that it is a matter of fact that humans have spiritual experiences and that our spirituality is an evolutionary attribute. In this episode, we delve into what it means to be life-serving and how our spiritual downloads are interpreted through the lens of our culture and psychological structure, thus don’t always lend to wholeness. This leads to the convergence of brokenness that Dr. Schmookler is tracing in America and the ironic disorder of civilization. Tune in to hear our guest’s thought-provoking worldviews and his predictions for the plight of human civilization.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dr. Schmookler defines the term ‘spiritual dimension’ and shares his worldview.
  • Spirituality in relation to human evolution.
  • How people’s spiritual experiences align with their cultures or belief systems.
  • Dr. Schmookler’s own spiritual experiences and how they have informed his life.
  • An overview of evolution and what it means to be life-serving.
  • Dr. Schmookler challenges the secular idea that values are simply matters of opinion.
  • The impact of broken people, rather than spiritual ideology, on indigenous cultures.
  • The damage of civilization and its ironic role in disorder.
  • How we have internalized moralities that are, in fact, hostile to human nature.
  • The ongoing battle between forces of wholeness and brokenness and why Dr. Schmookler believes “the spirit of the gangster prevails.”
  • Dr. Schmooker points to the patterns of brokenness in America and how our spiritual downloads are interpreted through the lens of our culture and psychological structure.
  • Dr. Schmooker’s prediction for the fate of human civilization and what it will take for humanity to survive.


Transcript: Here

Additional Resources:

Website: abetterhumanstory.org

Twitter: @andyschmookler

‘The Fate of Human Civilization’

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