Confronting the Crisis of Sleep with Mark Monchek

May 10, 2023

There are a number of reasons for the ubiquity of exhaustion in modern life, but central to the issue is our relationship with sleep. In today’s chat with Mark Monchek, we unpack the health crisis that capitalism has created and how we can escape this dangerous hamster wheel.

Though not easy, the message here is quite simple: we need to reconnect and listen closely to the mind, body, and spirit. Mark reminds us that often this means prioritizing sleep over other habits and tendencies, and he also shares a few ways he promotes good rest in his own life.

We also cover morning and evening rituals and routines, new types of therapies and supplements that can aid us in this quest, and creating an ideal day for ourselves that includes enough downtime and recuperation. So if you want to hear all about finding enough time to replenish yourself every night, be sure to listen in.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Contextualizing and situating the current sleep crisis.
  • Habits and practices that affect our sleep patterns.
  • Debunking some of the myths about ‘morning people’ and ‘night owls’.
  • Reconnecting with our body’s natural rhythms and needs.
  • Laying out an ideal day and designing the type of life and work we truly want.
  • Mark talks about reducing the scarcity mentality around our schedule.
  • The negative effects of bad sleep and how to break an unhealthy cycle.
  • Information about ketamine therapy and Mark’s reflections on his recent experiences.
  • How supplementing melatonin can help us promote and regulate sleep.
  • Staying present, loving what is, and creating flow in your life!


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