Why Managing Emotions Matters with Ilene Marcus

Apr 26, 2023

On the show today we have the inspiring and insightful Ilene Marcus, who is the CEO of Aligned Workplace. Ilene’s mission is to help leaders use the latest innovations to build and maintain strong and connected teams, and in this episode, we get to hear all about her strategies for doing this.

Ilene has a dual master’s degree in public administration and social work and is also the author of Managing Annoying People. Our guest generously unpacks some of the biggest lessons from her book, drawing on her extensive experiences in executive positions, and her current client work.

So whether you are a young entrepreneur starting out, or just looking to improve your company culture in our ever-evolving corporate climate, tune in to hear about the power of honesty, growing and scaling a workplace, and managing the challenges that are inherent in all of our professional lives.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Some of the important moments in Ilene’s life that led to her current work.
  • Ilene’s thoughts on community building, and maintaining connection in the contemporary climate.
  • Lessons and blessings; Ilene talks about some of her most difficult and definitive personal moments.
  • The backstory of Ilene’s book, Managing Annoying People, and the central idea about managing ourselves.
  • A breakdown of how Ilene gets started aiding her clients with managing their emotions.
  • The different kinds of behaviors that we find difficult or annoying.
  • Identifying our blind spots, what bothers us, and why!
  • The innovative steps that Ilene uses to get clients working on their business, instead of just in it.
  • The business trends that Ilene has noticed since the advent of the pandemic.
  • Ilene’s thoughts on the links between fear-based thinking and generational trauma.
  • Ilene’s focus on managing emotions and how these determine experience.
  • Some of Ilene’s future hopes and a little about her upcoming second book!

Transcript: Here

Additional Resources:

Website: https://alignedworkplace.com/

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilenemarcus/

Email: ilene@alignedworkplace.com


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