Empowering a Community of Artists and Friends with Heather Subbert, Founder and CEO of Kairos Adventures

Mar 29, 2023

Heather Subbert is the founder and executive director of Kairos Adventures. Her Central Florida non-profit empowers people with varying disabilities to discover and develop their unique God-given potential and purpose. Her unique stance on empowering folks with disabilities centers around creating communities where everyone is included, seen, and celebrated as a valuable contributor to the greater good.

To start our conversation, Heather tells the story of starting the ‘not-for-profit’ seven years ago and the challenges they have overcome; including how they navigated maintaining a sense of community during a global pandemic. She also reveals how they have leveraged the power of technology to reach a wider audience of artists and friends and how Kairos Adventures has created a program that everyone would want to be a part of.

Heather discusses fundraising, scholarships, and more while highlighting the team’s efforts not to allow costs to become a barrier to entry. She talks about her spiritual motivations and provides a detailed overview of the role the program is currently looking to fill before letting us in on upcoming public events at Kairos Adventures to diarise today. Tune in to hear all this and more from today’s incredible guest, who is genuinely making a difference in her community.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Heather Subbert’s background, work, and passion for inclusivity.
  • The status of Kairos Adventures since Sharon and her husband first envisioned it years ago.
  • How the scope of Kairos Adventures has developed and grown.
  • Maintaining a sense of community during the COVID19 Pandemic.
  • The story of the program’s quick growth to a full-time offer.
  • Using Zoom to reach people across states.
  • The inclusive language of ‘artists and friends’.
  • Where the most significant need lies at Kairos Adventures.
  • The program’s former name: Community Arts Connection.
  • Their aim to empower multiple churches to serve their communities.
  • Their location in Sanford including a campus and office space.
  • The dream to expand to South Orlando.
  • A description of the population coming to the program.
  • What the costing structure is based on and the role of fundraising.
  • The upcoming Michael Spano Golf Tournament.
  • The spiritual basis of the team.
  • The story of how they arrived at their name and what Kairos means.
  • What true integration looks like.
  • An invitation to donate to the Michael Spano Golf Tournament.
  • Their hope to host an art show soon.
  • We hear all about Cayman’s story.
  • How people with disabilities bring us all back to our humanity.


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