NLP, Hypnosis, and Shifting States with Andrea Lukac

Oct 26, 2022

Welcome back to the Other Side of Potential! Joining us in conversation today is Andrea Lukac, NLP specialist, hypnosis coach, and psychological counselor. Her work is rooted in helping people understand what triggers past trauma in order to overcome fear and judgment, and she is here today to share her wisdom on how neurolinguistic programming can be used to shift from one state to another, to overcome trauma and address our paradigms.

Andrea believes that the field of awareness that we have access to is like a grain of sand in a football field, and that by increasing our awareness, we can shift between emotional states to process difficult experiences. By anchoring positive feelings we can create neurological connections and access those emotions during challenging moments. While neurolinguistic programming can be used negatively, Andrea uses it to support clients to make positive psychological shifts in their lives.

With the understanding that subconscious patterns have a huge influence on our lives, Andrea helps her clients to address their troubles in a healthy way, with the ultimate goal of living in peace, acceptance, and love. She does this by focusing on boundary-setting and guiding clients to overcome what is troubling them to bring clarity, overcome overwhelm, and move beyond debilitating fear and shame. A powerful tool she introduces to her clients involves teaching them to communicate their needs powerfully and effectively.

To learn more about Andrea’s unique meld of techniques and how they yield proven success, tune in today!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Andrea Lukac uses her unique knowledge of human struggles to empower her clients.
  • Why the field of awareness that we have access to is like a grain of sand in a football field.
  • What neurolinguistic programming is and how it can help.
  • How NLP is used and misused in psychology and sales.
  • How to consciously leverage the power of natural anchors to shift the emotions.
  • How body anchors can be used to connect us to positive emotional experiences.
  • What we can learn from witnessing ourselves and addressing our paradigms.
  • What makes the subconscious so powerful.
  • Why neurolinguistic programming moves people faster than talk therapy.
  • How hypnosis can prepare people to manage difficult situations when they arise.
  • Where fear is rooted and how to trace it.
  • Why Andrea believes that each student finds their teacher.
  • What happens to humans in isolation and why we need one another.
  • How COVID has changed society in both positive and negative ways.
  • Why awareness is such a life changing quality to nurture within yourself.


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