Committing to Yourself First with Kevin Palmieri

Oct 19, 2022

Trigger Warning:  This episode discusses suicide and suicidal ideations.

If you looked at today’s guest when he was 25, you would have thought he was living the dream. He had a sports car, the body of a bodybuilder, a model for a girlfriend, a high-paying job, and a new apartment. Despite all the markers of success, Kevin Palmieri struggled with suicidal ideations. After a breakup, Kevin became passionate about self-improvement, devoted his life to impact as many people as possible, and became the founder and co-host of the highly successful podcast, Next Level University podcast.

Having now achieved genuine personal and professional success, today Kevin joins us to share his story with us. Tuning in you’ll hear about the suicidal ideations that first led him to therapy and his advice to anyone trying to get through depression without seeking support. You’ll also hear about the law of attraction and why people so commonly get this wrong. We also discuss the notion of changing our environments and why this is so important but difficult for most people, before Kevin explains why he is committed to himself first before others.

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, or you ever find yourself asking “Who’s going to love me?” don’t miss this episode!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How a breakup ignited Kevin’s passion for personal and professional development.
  • Thoughts on why we question who will love us when we go through life changes and losses.
  • Why Kevin believes he self-sabotaged the relationship he had with his girlfriend.
  • What “the work” looked like for Kevin when he began seeking meaning and personal development.
  • TW: The suicidal ideations that Kevin had and how this led him to therapy. For listeners who wish to avoid the topic of suicide, please skip audio between [0:14:19] and [0:17:30].
  • Kevin’s advice to anyone trying to get through depression without seeking support.
  • Kevin’s podcast Next Level University and what it covers.
  • The four steps of the law of attraction as Kevin understands it.
  • The time it has taken Kevin to get from his depression to where he is now.
  • Why Kevin says that his commitment is to himself first before others.
  • What he gained from meeting his father for the first time at 27.
  • How Kevin defines consciousness in his own life.


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