Healing the Aching Souls of Caregivers with Dr. Omar Reda

Aug 17, 2022

Self-care is not a luxury, it is a responsibility. And too often, the people who have dedicated their lives to caring for others are unable to do the same for themselves. During today’s episode, Dr. Omar Reda joins us to talk about the ongoing tragedies that are occurring amongst the caregiver population as a result of burnout (a phenomenon that has grown at an alarming rate since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic), and how he is doing everything in his capacity to turn the tide.

Omar is a psychiatrist and the author of two books entitled The Wounded Healer and Untangled. Tune in to hear about the barriers that prevent caregivers from prioritizing their needs, why learning to receive is one of the most valuable lessons a caregiver can learn, and the systemic changes that our healthcare system desperately needs. Omar’s passion for healing the aching souls of caregivers is deeply inspiring, and if anyone can succeed in humanizing caregiving, it is him!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The journey that led Omar to psychiatry.
  • Why Omar is a passionate advocate of the importance of caregivers practicing self-care.
  • An overview of the five components of the Untangled movement which began in Libya.
  • How Omar hopes to carry out his mission of humanizing the caregiving profession.
  • Sharon’s personal experience of trauma and PTSD.
  • Why self-awareness and self-regulation are vital components of self-care.
  • How the field of psychiatry is redefining PTSD.
  • What Omar believes to be the root of hate and anger.
  • Discrimination that caregivers often face, and how this weighs them down.
  • The recently passed law which addressed the mental health of caregivers.
  • Omar’s approach to helping caregivers avoid or overcome burnout.
  • Communities of care; what they are and why they are valuable.
  • Omar’s vision for the future of healthcare.
  • What the four chapters of Omar’s book, The Wounded Healer, encompass.
  • Systemic changes that are required in order to change the healthcare system for the better.

Transcript: Here

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