Communication Mastery with Brenden Kumarasamy

Jul 13, 2022

Communication skills are such a foundational aspect of being human, and specifically our professional lives. Despite this importance, many of us still struggle with putting in the necessary work to improve and master our own way of communicating. Today on the show, we welcome communication expert, Brenden Kumarasamy, who is the brain and mouth behind MasterTalk, to share a little about his coaching practice, how he helps his clients, and a few steps that you can take today to level up!

Brenden gives us some insight into the three simple exercises he uses to boost our efficacy as speakers, and as you will see, these are straightforward steps that you can start using right away! We also get into some of Brenden’s philosophy around the voice, pacing, and belief, with our guest really unpacking the elements of what makes up great communication.

One of the biggest takeaways from this chat with Brenden is how a relatively small improvement can take you way above your competition, and facilitate amazing results. So to catch all this great information, and a true masterclass on why and how to get to the next level in this area of your life, be sure to press play on this amazing episode of The Other Side of Potential!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Brenden’s path to developing MasterTalk and the organic process that led him to this point.
  • Common issues that Brenden helps his clients with and the first steps he takes with them.
  • An explanation of the different elements of great communication.
  • The practices, training, and strategies that can make real-life situations easy to deal with.
  • Brenden tackles the subject of pacing and how varying our speed can help us.
  • Exercises that Brenden uses to drastically improve our skills of communication.
  • Unpacking and demonstrating Brenden’s random word exercise!
  • Brenden’s coaching practice and the central part that belief plays in his work.
  • Some comments on communication from a female perspective.
  • Looking to the future with Brenden and where he is headed next!
  • Where to learn more about the great services that Brenden provides.


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