Personal Finance with a Happiness Dividend with Jonathan DeYoe

May 18, 2022

Money drives many of our decisions. We all worry about earning it, spending it, and saving it, regardless of our income level or spiritual perspective. Is it possible to be a conscientious citizen of the world and grow wealth? Today’s guest says yes and explains exactly how! Meet Jonathan DeYoe, a Buddhist and a financial planner who wants to help you create a unique financial plan that is guided by your deepest beliefs.

Jonathan is a bestselling author, speaker, financial advisor, and angel investor who has led an independent financial planning firm since 2002. He and the Mindful Money team work one-on-one with over 300 families and foundations, offering simple steps to financial success and tools to mindfully overcome our deep emotional and cognitive biases related to money. He is passionate about spreading the values of goal-focused and planning-driven wealth management so that people can enjoy better financial outcomes and live happier lives.

Tuning in today, you’ll discover some of the ways that you can save, invest, pay off debt, and fund your dreams by building a long-term income stream. You’ll also learn more about the Mindful Money approach and Jonathan shares his advice for using money as a tool to support your lifestyle, reach your goals, and earn the “happiness dividend” everyone deserves. We touch on market volatility, cryptocurrency, selecting a financial advisor, and so much more, so make sure not to miss this thought-provoking episode with the Money Philosopher himself, Jonathan DeYoe!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Insight into Jonathan’s journey and what led him to explore the spiritual side of money.
  • How the loss of his brother changed his perspective on goals and relationships.
  • How not having good role models can enhance a scarcity mindset. 
  • Addressing generational trauma related to money.
  • What Jonathan wants listeners to know about the Mindful Money approach.
  • The lessons that accompany each of the three parts of his book, Mindful Money.
  • The alternative to treating market volatility as risk: shifting to a longer-term mindset.
  • Jonathan shares his thoughts on investing in cryptocurrency.
  • Advice for young couples starting their financial journey together: develop a habit of savings!
  • The importance of growing and developing your skillsets, including personal finance.
  • Why financial advisors aren’t necessarily better equipped to select investments for you.
  • Some of the courses and resources that Jonathan offers through Mindful Money.
  • Parting words of wisdom for listeners: stop predicting, start planning, stay mindful!


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