Digital Conversation and Social Leadership with Andrea Edwards

Mar 30, 2022

We all know about the negative aspects of social media, but today’s guest chooses to focus on the positive impact it can have in healing our society and creating balance. Andrea T. Edwards, also known as The Digital Conversationalist, is an award-winning B2B communications professional who works with the world’s largest companies on the transformation needed to maximize business growth and our digital future.

Andrea is a change agent, author, passionate communicator, and social leader. Today, she fills us in on the positive potential she sees in social media and how merely shifting our language to be more humble, inclusive, and respectful will enable us to truly take a stand and make a change in the world. In our conversation, we discuss our social responsibility to be discerning and the importance of objectivity when it comes to digesting information.

You’ll also hear about Andrea’s astounding journey, the profound worldview she holds, and learn about the book that holds all 108 of her ‘wisdoms’, as well as how Uncommon Courage came into existence during the first COVID-19 lockdown in Thailand, where she lives with her family. Tune in for an inspiring conversation about leading online conversations with love and respect, and discover how we can all walk the earth more gently and face the world’s dilemmas together!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Andrea’s journey and how she came to be known as The Digital Conversationalist.
  • How the pandemic impacted Andrea and her family, having relocated to Phuket.
  • How social media is democratizing information and can be used as a tool to heal society.
  • Thailand’s experience of the pandemic versus America’s politicization of it.
  • How to take a stand on social media without suffering negative repercussions.
  • The importance of using inclusive and unifying language on social media.
  • Why professionals need to speak in alignment with their company’s values.
  • Andrea’s advice for not falling prey to clickbait.
  • The importance of hearing multiple perspectives.
  • The value of objectivity and not investing emotionally in information.
  • How Andrea’s book, Uncommon Courage, came about and the profound message it holds.
  • The biggest problem we’re facing in the world today, according to Andrea.
  • How Andrea grew into her worldview.
  • The damage done in the early years of a child’s life within their family structure.
  • Andrea’s advice to walk the world with gentler feet.
  • How traveling breeds empathy.