Helping Others Realize Their Potential with Dr. Sharon Spano

Mar 9, 2022

In today’s episode, host of The Other Side of Potential podcast, Dr. Sharon Spano, is taking the hot seat! From a young age, Sharon was able to see potential in people that oftentimes they could not see in themselves. Following this passion, Sharon completed a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, and became an integral professional coach.

Through her work as a coach and consultant, Sharon helps her clients become more aware of themselves and gives them the tools to help them live their lives in a way that maximizes their true potential! In today’s episode, Sharon shares some examples of how she has transformed the lives of the people she has worked with in the past, and the new, exciting opportunities she is going to be offering in the future. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Some background on Dr. Sharon Spano, The Other Side of Potential host, who is in the hot seat today!
  • Where Sharon’s interest in human potential originated, and how it has influenced her life.
  • How Sharon is working towards changing the ways in which people interact with one another.
  • The importance of understanding which of the 12 development stages you are at.
  • Example of how systems can become disordered and tense, and how to avoid this.
  • How Sharon helps her clients become aware of the way they move through the world and subsequently find their place in the system.
  • Metaphors that Sharon uses in the work she does with her clients.
  • What you can expect from the webinar that Sharon is going to be holding on the 11th of March.
  • An exciting project that Sharon is currently working on.
  • Sharon shares something that she is feeling proud of at the moment.


Sharon Spano Freedom from Toxic Relationships

Friday March 11, 2022, 12:00pm Est