Bringing the Extra with Vinay Raval

Feb 9, 2022

Vinay Raval has always loved connecting with people and inspiring happiness. Now, he does that for a living! Twelve years ago, Vinay left his corporate job to search the world for ideas about how to create unique customer experiences which elicit positive emotions in people and therefore draw them back time and time again. The lessons during his travels culminated in the founding of GrowthWallah. Through coaching, team training, and his YouTube channel, Vinay helps brands connect with their essence, and teaches entrepreneurs the strategies they need to “bring the extra” to their customers, which is so important in today’s highly competitive environment! Vinay has a fascinating story, a very creative way of framing his ideas, and a deep drive to make the world a happier place, so tune in today for this inspiring conversation!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The question that inspired Vinay to leave his corporate job and travel the world in search of the answer.
  • Vinay shares his experience of starting a business in the Peruvian mountains.
  • How the business landscape has transformed over the past few years.
  • Emotions that Vinay aims to elicit in people through his work.
  • My recent experience on the receiving end of poor customer service.
  • What separates businesses that survived the pandemic from those that didn’t.
  • Why Vinay is optimistic about the future of customer service.
  • The importance of ensuring that your employees feel excited and fulfilled in their jobs.
  • Vinay’s thoughts on what is driving the current labor shortage being experienced across America.
  • An overview of the 7 step process that Vinay recommends businesses implement in order to thrive in today’s working environment.
  • What Vinay’s trademark, ‘Bring the Extra,’ means.
  • Vinay explains the concept of brand essence, and why it is so vital.
  • How we should be reframing our mindset with regard to technology.
  • An important question that all entrepreneurs should be asking themselves!