The Rainmaker Residency with Veronica Romney

Jan 26, 2022

Online marketing is way more than just posting on social media, and in today’s ever-changing and quickly evolving technological world, it can be a struggle for many business owners. Veronica Romney is here today to assure you that, with the right keys and cultivation process, your marketing leader will be able to compliment your unique visionary strengths in a way that makes it rain for you. We’re honored to sit down with her to dive into her brand new program entitled Rainmaker Residency, a comprehensive container that turns your top marketer into a rainmaker for your company. Veronica is a Dream Team Architect with over 13 years of online marketing experience, who helps other online entrepreneurs dial in their human resources to develop phenomenal company cultures and profitable bottom lines. No stranger to the stage, she’s a former speaker and trainer for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, the former Chief of Staff of mega-brand BossBabe, and has been featured in places like Forbes, Inc, HuffPost, and more.

In this episode, we cover the specifics of a marketer’s role and why it’s critical to have an individuated marketer with the correct skills and inherent mindset. You’ll learn how Veronica was inspired to provide something that gives the knowledge and support she didn’t have while working her way up, plus you’ll hear about the priority of psychological safety in the program so that marketers can show up honestly. Listeners also get a detailed breakdown of the five critical pillars that make up the residency’s framework, before she eloquently addresses the huge misconception that sales and marketing are the same. While the Rainmaker program is created specifically for online-oriented businesses, if you are a family-owned or brick-and-mortar business, this inspiring conversation has an abundance of valuable information and premises that apply across the marketing field! Thanks for joining and let’s jump in!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest Veronica and how she became a speaker for Tony Robbins.
  • Discussing knowledge as a service and a product beyond formal institutions.
  • Reflections on how learning has shifted.
  • Diving into the Rainmaker Residency and how it creates marketing leaders.
  • What online marketing really is and what a market leader really needs to be doing.
  • The criteria of a visionary versus a marketing rainmaker.
  • How having a creative marketing mindset is not inherent to everyone.
  • Veronica outlines the best size of business that the Rainmaker program is a fit for.
  • The numerous facets that the program will help you with, from training to delegation.
  • What inspired Veronica to make this program.
  • Hear about the five key pillars that make the framework of the course.
  • Some of the issues that could come up and how the comprehensive journey supports these.
  • Who the perfect candidate is, or using the Rainmaker Residency recruiter to find someone.
  • A brief outline of the extensive application process.
  • Hear about Veronica’s marketing Avengers team, from metrics coaches to design and project management.
  • Another role she has beyond the program to help visionaries get out of the trenches.
  • What’s on her 2022 vision board.
  • Addressing the huge misconception that sales and marketing are the same.
  • Some parting words for anyone on the fence or feeling overwhelmed by online marketing.