The Importance of Vision, Mission, and Values in Your Business

Jan 5, 2022

Welcome to 2022! To ease into the new year, Dr. Sharon Spano talks to you today about the importance of planning and having a clear vision, mission, and values for your business. 

Tune in to hear how having a vision for your company can guide you through tough decisions relating to clients and employees, and the benefits of defining a mission for the business, from both the company’s and the client’s perspectives. Dr. Spano provides some helpful examples and worksheets, and invaluable insight into why hiring a facilitator is key. Find out how to choose the right values for your business, and how to write them, and learn some fun team activities to enhance this process. Finally, Dr. Spano defines the buckets that most businesses should have, the importance of defining goals for each one in different quarters, and what picking a word of the year can do for you!

Don’t miss out on this must-hear episode, preparing you for business and personal success in 2022!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you should have spent the fall planning for 2022!
  • The three things you must have in place as a foundation for your business: vision, mission, and values. 
  • Why these three things are so crucial to the foundation of your business. 
  • The importance of developing your vision, mission, and values: eliminating ambiguity. 
  • Why it’s beneficial to bring in an outside facilitator to help you move through the planning process. 
  • What vision is, and how you should formulate it. 
  • The role of the mission statement in developing business. 
  • Why choosing your company values is challenging, and why you should use team exercises to enhance the process. 
  • The practical aspects of mapping out your year: defining a key initiative. 
  • The buckets that make up a business: finance, customer experience, technology, sales and marketing, and a product or service bucket.
  • Why you should spread the goals for each bucket over different quarters. 
  • How defining who’s responsible for certain tasks can move the needle forward in the company. 
  • Why a client avatar is a must-have in every business. 
  • The benefits of having a word of the year, both in your personal and professional life.