Conscious Community Segment: Conflict Management Strategies

Feb 24, 2021

Today we are bringing you another solo cast as a part of the Conscious Community Segment, and our focus for today’s show is strategies for managing conflict within family structures and businesses. These ideas are applicable to multiple contexts and can be useful to all family enterprises as well as any size of entrepreneurial endeavor. Although this is a broad and complex subject with many facets and potential scenarios and issues, this exploration serves as an introduction to some simple ways to approach, diagnose, and manage difficult dynamics.

The foundation of the strategies that are discussed here is the idea of the three wealth domains; ownership, family, and the business. On top of these, we unpack the three principles of family systems and how these relate to the domains in question. The principles are order, place, and the balance of exchange and by getting to grips with these two simple frameworks for looking at your systems, you will be able to start noticing the patterns that lead to issues, and this is where the magic of change begins!

Listen in today to this illuminating exploration, as we talk about entitlement, nepotism, alignment, human dynamics and so much more. If you want to begin to address some of the problems, both obvious and under the surface, that are plaguing a business system, this is the place to start!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The three wealth domains; ownership, family, and the business. 
  • Conflict that arises out of a lack of awareness of one’s place within the three wealth domains. 
  • Aiming for better alignment according to the domains of the business. 
  • Understanding the family system and how it works in and out of business.
  • The essential glue of the wealth domains and how to manage members’ sense of belonging. 
  • Three important principles from family systems and businesses; order, place, and the balance of exchange.   
  • Adjusting human dynamics according to the needs of the business. 
  • Mitigating conflict relating to issues in the order of a system. 
  • How ‘place’ relates to order and the problems that can arise within this context.
  • What a disturbance in the balance of exchange can look like and how to counteract this.
  • The common issues of entitlement and nepotism within family business structures.
  • Identifying and diagnosing patterns and their causes within a system. 
  • Avoiding casting blame while addressing systemic issues accordingly.



“The point is to know when and where conflict is arising and in which domain.” — @SharonSpano [0:04:45]

“We have emotional ties to one another and those ties can often escalate into conflict if we don’t know where we belong within the family business system.” — @SharonSpano [0:06:15]


Facebook Posts:

“Most of the conflict I see in business stems from people not knowing where they belong within these three domains.” — Sharon Spano [0:03:32]

“When you know where you belong in each of the three wealth domains you are then positioned to address the situation with far less emotion.” — Sharon Spano [0:06:56]


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