How to Overcome Toxic Relationships in 2022

Dec 1, 2021

When we did a previous episode on winning conversations with difficult people, part of what came out of that was a deeper understanding that many of you out there are dealing with toxic relationships in your life, whether it be in your business or personal life. Certainly, we know that these relationships can be even more complicated if you’re in a family-owned business.

The intention behind conscious community segments, like this one, is the opportunity to help you to explore how to be your highest self. Because we believe that healthy relationships that support what you’re about and where you want to go in life are vitally important to this process, we have decided to offer for a very short time, an opportunity to work with Dr. Sharon Spano directly so that you can eliminate the stress and frustration of these toxic relationships in your life.

Tuning in today, you’ll hear about the intensive we are offering, a breakdown of the objectives it will cover, why this isn’t necessarily a ‘you’ problem, and how this intensive will free you from sleepless nights and endless internal struggles. If you want the power to take your life back, eliminate the suffering caused by these toxic relationships, and develop an understanding of how to approach messy relationships differently in the future, tune in today!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What came out of the episode about winning conversations with difficult people.
  • Information about the opportunity that Dr. Sharon Spano has put together for the new year.
  • What is considered a toxic relationship.
  • Why this isn’t necessarily a ‘you’ problem.
  • A breakdown of the objectives of the intensive Dr. Spano is offering.
  • The first phases of the intensive: How toxic people think and behave.
  • Phase 2: The elements of a healthy relationship.
  • Phase 3: The three principles of human dynamics that will help you see what patterns of yours and theirs are causing you undue stress and frustration.
  • How to know if this intensive is for you.
  • How to sign up for the intensive.
  • Added resources for those who sign-up.
  • The answers to some of the frequently asked questions Dr. Spano gets about this intensive.
  • What a constellation process is and how it works: a visual representation of what’s going on in your unique relational system.
  • The value of the intensive and what is included.