The Alchemy of Humans: The Ultimate Resource for Transformational Growth

Aug 11, 2021

Today Dr. Sharon Spano presents us with a short solo cast to announce an exciting new body of work that she is creating called The Alchemy of Humans. This is starting with the launch of a private Facebook group of the same name. While this podcast often focuses on the systems and family dynamics within family businesses, The Alchemy of Humans will look at how human beings make decisions and transform our lives in the context of business as well as everyday relationships. Dr. Spano explains that she’ll be providing an in-depth look at the field of human development and consciousness, as well as a guide to mastering the hidden dynamics that often disrupt your life and business. She explains that it is designed to help you tap into and overcome the subconscious junk that may be sabotaging you.

Dr. Spano explains that The Alchemy of Humans is not just something that she came up with randomly, but the culmination of all of her work and experience over her career, grounded in over 70 years of research. It is also not a quick fix but a process, and a way to really begin to see your life and your world through a completely different lens. Tuning in, you’ll hear who is likely to benefit from the group’s teachings, discussions, and workshops, and how the group will help people through the process of transformational growth. To find out how Dr. Spano and The Alchemy of Humans will help you transform your life, tune in today!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dr. Sharon Spano introduces her new Facebook group The Alchemy of Humans.
  • The purpose of the group is to strengthen and heal relationships that will support you in business and life.
  • Who is likely to benefit from the group’s teachings and discussions.
  • Thoughts on the pandemic and its impact on psychology, behaviors, and consciousness.
  • How developmental movement and transformation are often full of setbacks and feeling stuck.
  • Some of the issues people have been struggling with over the past year.
  • The kinds of things that will be discussed in the group.
  • Why Dr. Spano chose to use the word “alchemy” in the title.
  • The workshop she’s developing to help people understand how development occurs.
  • How these workshops will help you identify the patterns in your life that are working for and against you.
  • A breakdown of the ways The Alchemy of Humans will help you transform your life.
  • Why this is not a quick fix but a process.
  • How The Alchemy of Humans is the culmination of Dr. Spano’s work and experience.
  • How this process will be facilitated in a safe environment.
  • The importance of developing an understanding of how your unconscious thinking patterns impact your experience of time and money.
  • How to join The Alchemy of Humans Facebook group.

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