Bringing the Greater Good into Business Practices, with Tony Merendino

Jun 13, 2018


Tony Merendino is the founder and CEO of ServIT, a company that for over 20 years has specialized in providing IT managed services to small and large businesses across the United States. Tony is also the previous owner of the BMC solution software company in addition to being a former NFL quarterback with the New York jets. Tony has also diversified his executive level business acumen to include organic farming with the production of organic Hay and organic angus beef.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why businesses must reassess, look back at mistakes, regroup, redirect, and move forward
  • How Tony has strived for the “greater good” in his business practices at the corporate, group, and individual level to bring customers what they want
  • Ways that his companies have worked backwards from the stated mission statement to assure that they meet the clearly defined “greater good”
  • The value of creating of culture where the way we conduct meetings, integrate groups, and conduct our operations allows for knowledge to be shared across the company at all levels and without relegating it into a corner or withholding it from part of the team
  • Why we must accept that new ways of thinking and change within the institution are inevitable, but that they do not have to happen overnight and should never happen without appropriate levels of communication
  • Why the biggest challenge that information technology firms face often involves finding the right people and making sure that they are properly aligned within the organization
  • How recruitment and retention of millennial workers involves different approaches than were used in earlier stages of hiring IT workers, and why firms should focus their efforts on selecting candidates with high emotional intellect
  • The reality that approaches that bring about change inevitably bring about resistance in the beginning, but how these new processes are accepted as weeks and months go by helps to shape our corporate culture
  • Why we should focus our efforts on serving something greater than ourselves
  • The significance of reflecting, documenting, assessing, and moving forward

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